The Top 30 Vulnerabilities Include Plenty of Usual Suspects

This week, WIRED reported on an alarming phenomenon of authentic warships possessing their places faked by some mysterious miscreant. Above the past many months, dozens of vessels have appeared to cross into disputed waters when they ended up in reality hundreds of miles away. The misinformation has appear in the sort of simulated AIS monitoring facts, which demonstrates up on aggregation web-sites like MarineTraffic and AISHub. It can be unclear who’s accountable, or how accurately they’re pulling it off—but it holds a match dangerously shut to powder kegs in Crimea and in other places.

Talking of controversy, a pair of researchers this week introduced a device into the planet that crawls every site for low-hanging fruit vulnerabilities—think SQL injections and cross-website scripting—and makes the success not only public but searchable. This is truly the 2nd iteration of the system, acknowledged as Punkspider they shut the initial down soon after numerous

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