Facebook says it should not be blamed for US failing to meet vaccine goals – Software

Fb has defended alone against US President Joe Biden’s assertion that the social media platform is “killing people today” by allowing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to proliferate, indicating the points convey to a distinctive story.

“The information displays that 85 % of Fb customers in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against Covid-19,” Fb stated in a corporate web site post by Dude Rosen, a firm vice president.

“President Biden’s aim was for 70 % of Americans to be vaccinated by July four. Fb is not the reason this aim was missed.”

COVID-19 misinformation has distribute throughout the pandemic on social media web-sites such as Fb, Twitter and Alphabet Inc-owned YouTube.

Scientists and lawmakers have very long accused Fb of failing to law enforcement damaging content on its platforms.

“They’re killing people today. … Glance, the only pandemic we have is amongst the unvaccinated. And they’re killing

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