Understanding potential topological quantum bits — ScienceDaily

Quantum computers promise fantastic innovations in several fields — from cryptography to the simulation of protein folding. But, which physical program will work finest to develop the fundamental quantum bits is still an open problem. Compared with normal bits in your personal computer, these so-referred to as qubits cannot only get the values and 1, but also mixtures of the two. Even though this likely can make them really valuable, they also turn into really unstable.

1 solution to address this dilemma bets on topological qubits that encode the information in their spatial arrangement. That could deliver a far more steady and mistake-resistant basis for computation than other setups. The dilemma is that no 1 has at any time certainly found a topological qubit nonetheless.

An intercontinental team of researchers from Austria, Copenhagen, and Madrid all-around Marco Valentini from the Nanoelectronics group at IST Austria now have examined a setup

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