an interview with Alice Genevois, senior data science manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Alice Genevois, senior info science manager at Lloyds Banking Group, went into more education with her eye on a marketing career and found in the system a adore of info that ended up shaping her career over and above what she originally could have imagined and paving the way for a career in the flourishing discipline of info science.

“I assumed when I was younger, I might go into marketing. I did a split degree and I did a masters in Marketing and Business Analytics. When I began carrying out a little bit of equally I realised that I seriously like quantities, I like info. I preferred marketing due to the fact I know how to chat to folks and stakeholders but actually it’s the info, it’s having the facts and the quantities driving you. I like having a yes or no reply, and only info can seriously give you

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