How Do Scientists Build the Best Diet for Astronauts?

Foodstuff is essential to our day by day functions by fueling our activity and fortifying our bodies and minds. Most of us with obtain to various foods sources, meanwhile, never require to stress about food prepping fairly as considerably as NASA. In area, wherever astronauts confront drastic environmental and bodily changes, the require for safe and sound, healthy and electrical power-laden foods is particularly very important to over-all overall health.  

“We have crews that require to accomplish and be healthy at these extremely higher degrees for extremely higher-worry conditions,” states Grace Douglas, lead scientist for NASA’s Sophisticated Foodstuff Engineering research group at the Johnson Space Center. “Food impacts every aspect of physiology, and foods can either make you very healthy or can make you very ill.” A sturdy and healthy foods program for area travel, she states, can have constructive results for a area crew’s performance and basic wellbeing.   


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