How mixed reality (and Hololens) boosted productivity at Lockheed Martin

Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the writer.

Combined actuality (MR) in the customer market place has been less than remarkable, but it’s been a massive hit in business — particularly in production and education. Lockheed Martin was a person of the initial corporations to embrace this technological innovation (alongside with other aerospace corporations like Boeing). In a presentation this week, Lockheed Martin execs spelled out exactly where the technological innovation — which depends on Hololens — worked and exactly where it could function in the long run as it evolves. They also contrasted HoloLens I and II, expressing the latter was significantly a lot more helpful above a a lot more prolonged time.   

The presentation revolved all around the Orion Start Platform’s assembly and reminded me of a story I read from a professor who worked on the Atlas Start system. In his time, spaceships were being triple redundant.

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