What Happens If a Cloud Provider Shuts You Out?

When AWS bounced Parler from its servers, it elevated concerns about continuity of assistance other companies may possibly need to look at.

Migrating apps and other core methods to the cloud stands at the heart of several transformation methods, but if the significant 3 assistance suppliers pull the plug on accessibility, the place does that go away enterprises?

Parler’s recent banishment from AWS and re-emergence on Epik, a Russian area registrar, is a extremely precise situation but it does raise issues other organizations could need to look at — specially in a current market dominated by 3 hyperscale cloud suppliers. If a person of all those cloud suppliers permanently terminates solutions and other important suppliers in the United States refuse to consider a shopper on, what can companies do? Specialists from CloudCheckr and Aiven offer some standpoint on feasible steps organizations could consider less than this sort of situation.


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