What is Prince2 & Why Do Projects Run Better with Prince 2?

Being a project manager is an exciting job. You get to work with people and coordinate their work. Handing over tasks and making sure that everyone’s doing their job in time makes the day at the office full.

It isn’t always fun, though. Working with people is also stressful since most people have a different mentality. The manager must cope with everyone’s way of communication and still get the project to run smoothly.

Because of this, engineers and programmers found various ways to make their work easy. One of these is the Prince2 method that every project manager must know. Learn what it is in more details here.

What is Prince2?

This method originated back in 1989 by the name PROMPT II. It stands short for Project Resource Organization Management Planning Techniques. The method was instantly accepted by the British Government, which makes it highly reliable.

Since then, more … Read More