What is Prince2 & Why Do Projects Run Better with Prince 2?

Being a project manager is an exciting job. You get to work with people and coordinate their work. Handing over tasks and making sure that everyone’s doing their job in time makes the day at the office full.

It isn’t always fun, though. Working with people is also stressful since most people have a different mentality. The manager must cope with everyone’s way of communication and still get the project to run smoothly.

Because of this, engineers and programmers found various ways to make their work easy. One of these is the Prince2 method that every project manager must know. Learn what it is in more details here.

What is Prince2?

This method originated back in 1989 by the name PROMPT II. It stands short for Project Resource Organization Management Planning Techniques. The method was instantly accepted by the British Government, which makes it highly reliable.

Since then, more than 30 years have passed. The industry changed dramatically, and so the PROMPT II needed change. The change came with the invention of PRINCE2, which is short for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. 

Why would you need it?

Project managers have tons of places where they can go wrong. Some of the most common mistakes and problems include Lack of clear goals, poor communication, inadequate budget, poor choice of team members, scope creep, not having adequate risk management, impossible deadlines, and so on.

All these things are real and highly important when you’re the leader of a project. You need to make sure all these things are incorporated into one single project body and make sure that nothing is off.

The Prince2 method is going to help you with it. When you learn everything about it, it’s going to become clearer what you need to do with your everyday tasks. There’s everything for every issue inside. Every problem that might occur can be solved with the help of the Prince2 standards.

In a way, you’ll be feeling free to use a solution that was suggested in this method without feeling guilt or hesitation about the action you made. Whenever you have a problem of some kind, and you’re wondering what the best answer to it is, you can use the skills gained from learning Prince2 and make a better working environment, which will eventually push the project forward.

How to become Prince2 certified?

It’s easy to become certified, but what is more important is you are going to learn everything about this method. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a Prince2 training out there. You just need to find the one that will the most useful for you.

Researching about the mentors, levels of education, the timespan of learning, and all the other issues and features you might be interested in is a top priority. Without proper research, you will not be able to find the best one for you.

There isn’t one-size-fits-all training. You should pick the one that’s best for you. This is based on your personal needs. For example, not everyone’s at the same level of education. Also, not everyone prefers both male and female lecturers. Some feel better with one over the other.

Finally, there’s the field in which you’re working. Even though Prince2 is designed in a way to be easily transferable and implemented across all industries, you should still try to find the course that is going to focus on your industry in general.

It’s always better to receive advice and ideas from people who worked in the same field you have, rather than listen to something you’re not interested in, and you don’t understand the terminology. Yes, this method is applicable everywhere, but when you need a precise example, it’s better to get it in words you’ll understand.


If you want to be successful in what you do, you should always strive for more knowledge. If you haven’t learned Prince2 so far, now is a great time to do it. Not just you’ll manage to run your projects without problems, but you’ll have a better paycheck at the end of the month.

Use this method if you want to be successful. Also, learn from the best mentors if you want to become highly trained. See more about this here: https://www.ceotodaymagazine.com/2020/04/how-worthwhile-is-prince2/.