YugabyteDB 2.4 brings new Spark to distributed SQL database

Open up supply dispersed SQL databases seller Yugabyte released a new stable model of its namesake YugabyteDB, offering end users with new security, scalability and extensibility capabilities.

Yugabyte’s databases is suitable with each the Apache Cassandra and PostgreSQL open up supply databases platforms and supplies end users with a dispersed SQL platform.

The seller, centered in Sunnyvale, Calif., maintains two distinct launch branches, with even-numbered updates denoting stable releases that are acceptable for organization deployments, and odd-numbered releases deemed to be advancement releases.

Rather confusingly, the last advancement launch of YugabyteDB was model two.five, which was released in November 2020. The new YugabyteDB two.4 update out Feb. ten is actually the most recent stable launch and added benefits from more testing and security from advancement capabilities that very first appeared in the YugabyteDB two.3 advancement update that was released in September 2020.

Among the Yugabyte’s end users is Xignite, centered in San Mateo, Calif., a supplier of financial marketplace information solutions.

Qin Yu, senior vice president of engineering and operations at Xignite, mentioned the company employs YugabyteDB as a process of report databases.

Xignite employs YugabyteDB simply because the databases has the adaptability to assist many workloads, together with actual-time information and basic information use cases throughout Xignite’s solution traces, Yu mentioned. He famous that Xignite migrated much more than 11 TB of information into 4 YugabyteDB clusters with 21 nodes in whole, deployed in a multizone setup to fulfill its needs.

“YugabyteDB served Xignite emphasis on growing our business in its place of keeping a complicated caching and relational databases architecture,” Yu mentioned. “The ability to scale and rebalance pretty substantial information sets without the need of downtime or general performance bottlenecks is vital to our clients and the business.”

Screenshot of YugabyteDB 2.4 live queries dashboard
YugabyteDB two.4 supplies end users with a are living queries dashboard with visibility into databases operations that can assist to examine and make improvements to query execution.

YugabyteDB served Xignite emphasis on growing our business in its place of keeping a complicated caching and relational databases architecture.
Qin YuSenior vice president of engineering and operations, Xignite

YugabyteDB two.4 boosts dispersed SQL capabilities

Yu mentioned he sees a variety of stable capabilities in the YugabyteDB update as staying practical for Xignite.

A single of the essential new capabilities is enhanced encryption at rest capabilities, which supplies information safety for stored information. Yu famous that Xignite also employs Amazon RDS with encryption at rest for that deployment.

“We’d like to do the similar for information stored in Yugabyte,” Yu mentioned.

YugabyteDB two.4 also integrates new capabilities for information query optimization, together with offering execution stats for SQL queries. Yu famous that having individuals stats might assist Xignite to determine and enhance inefficient queries.

Apache Spark 3. assist in Yugabyte

Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte, mentioned YugabyteDB two.4 is also noteworthy in that it supplies whole assist for the Apache Spark 3. update.

Apache Spark 3. turned generally obtainable in June 2020, offering a substantial update to the preferred open up supply SQL query engine. Among the the new capabilities in Spark 3. is an Adaptive Query Execution ability that can speed up information queries for enhanced general performance.

“Spark 3 is a enormous advancement in excess of Spark two, so we experienced to do a good deal of work in get to get Spark 3 to work well with Yugabyte,” Ranganathan mentioned.

Ranganathan mentioned that amid the future major milestones for Yugabyte will be the basic availability of the Yugabyte Cloud managed services.

“We are in our early access system for the cloud and we’re planning to roll out our output-grade Yugabyte Cloud,” he mentioned.