Why Use Facebook Messenger: Advantages and Disadvantages?

Nowadays, everyone is having concerns about using Messenger. Even though it is an app that will allow you to enjoy instant messaging by using Facebook without the requirement of connecting to the social network, it has some limitations.

Similarly, like any other instant messaging app, you can easily communicate with people by using mobile devices and internet data. Some high-end marketers are also using it for marketing purposes, and you should check more about it here: https://smartbotmarketers.com

It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using this particular app and we will present you more about them:

Advantages of Using Facebook Messenger

  • Fast Chat – The first reason why you should consider this particular app is due to its ability to directly connect with Facebook chatting system so that you can receive and send messages much quicker than through a mobile browser, which alternative. Have in mind that the messaging system will appear immediately on your device.
  • It Is Completely Free – When you compare it with texting, you should remember that each SMS comes with a certain cost, which is based on the plan, you are having and other factors. At the same time, MMS messages, which include videos and images, could be much more expensive than regular messages. You should know that Messenger uses data, but you will be able to send messages without paying significant price tags on a monthly basis.
  • You Can Use It For Collaboration – Finally, you will be able to use the all-in-one messenger in which you can send links and files in a matter of seconds. You can use it wherever you are so that you can keep your employees in touch especially if they are working a project together.
  • You Can Make Calls – It will allow you to conduct phone calls by using internet data instead of regular minutes as with regular calling. You can rest assured because you will be able to speak with groups as well, which is a great consideration if you are abroad and impulses are much more expensive than at homes.

Disadvantages of Facebook Messenger

  • Challenging To Protect Your Privacy – It is vital to read the terms and conditions in which include the parts of calling phone numbers without your intervention and recording audio at any time. Some people state that it is a sensitive and high privacy breach, while others oppose this idea as pure fiction and conspiracy theory.
  • You Will Add Another Distraction To Your Life – Apart from the idea that Messenger can make you and your team more productive than before, it is also a distraction if you are not using it properly. The main reason for that is due to the numerous notifications that you will receive each time you receive a message. In case you are like others, you will combine Messenger with SMS messages so that you can get the added convenience.
  • It Drains Your Device’s Battery – Remember that Messenger App will always function in the background, which could cause it to send audio alerts and vibrations each time you receive a new message. The more notifications you get, the faster your battery will drain and that is something you should remember.
  • It Is Mandatory For Facebook Users – In case that you decide to use a browser to receive and send messages, you won’t be able to get notifications that will help you answer in real time and as soon as possible. That is why most people choose the instant messaging app, but it is a monopoly in which Facebook requires you to install it if you wish to communicate with others. Some people consider this a deal breaker, while others are still using it.

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How Can Facebook Messenger Help You Increase Business?

We have mentioned above that the Facebook Messaging app comes with millions of active users, and the number is increasing as time goes by. The average number of messages sent on a monthly basis exceeds two billion.

Finally, you will have the perfect app that will help you communicate with people directly, without thinking about business hours. It is free of charge, which means that users will be able to communicate with you.

  • Improve Customer Service – The business part of the messenger will allow you to post private messages and questions in comments. You can share your personal information and they will be able to use messenger to send you a direct messenger with questions and information you need to help them out.
  • Boost Brand Awareness – Getting new customers and having the ability to communicate with them instantly will help you increase brand awareness and boost your business in overall. That will help you drive more leads and conversions towards your service page. It is important to check out this website: https://neilpatel.com/blog/startups-brand-awareness-social-media/ so that you can learn more on how to build brand awareness by using social media platforms.
  • Transactions – The best thing about Facebook Messenger is the ability to sell directly your services and products. You can also book appointments and take orders as well and that will happen immediately. Apart from that, you can send links, pictures, and important details with clients and customers so that they can get exclusive offers and discounts as well.

It is vital to understand that when you decide to communicate with your customers in real time, that will improve your overall customer support and increase your expertise and appeal, so that customer can gain trust and become loyal, as a result.

To do that with exceptional efficiency, you should integrate a Chatbot that will help you have meaningful and engaging conversations with your potential customers. They will be able to increase triggers and help them handle some issue too.

You will also be able to send and receive messages automatically and get traffic updates, weather reports and customized communications such as shipping and receipts notifications.

You will be able to improve the customer’s feedback by answering common questions and implementing intuitive Chatbot. You can create different personalities and experiences, based on your industry niche, and use AI to integrate intuitive enjoyment for your customers.