Why developers use Confluent to manage Apache Kafka

Imagine you are obtaining groceries sent, or hunting for a suggestion on what to look at future on Tv, or utilizing a credit score card devoid of stressing much too considerably about fraud. The programs that electrical power these interactions all depend on details in movement, and there is a good likelihood Apache Kafka powers the programs.

Much more than eighty% of the Fortune a hundred use Kafka as the function streaming substrate to electrical power actual-time, person-struggling with programs and software program-pushed back again ends. Kafka has develop into the go-to for any firm hunting to combine more and more diverse portfolios of programs and microservices via immutable function logs rather than mutable details suppliers. The benefits are manifold, but remember that Kafka is a distributed technique, and volunteering to function a distributed technique by yourself is an more and more controversial alternative.

This is why the cloud exists. By fully managed cloud services, vendors bear the money expenditures and accumulate the operational abilities vital to run infrastructure well. Confluent, the 1st fully managed Kafka support on the current market, lets you concentrate on building programs and incorporating benefit to the business rather than turning dials on operationally intricate infrastructure levels. I’d like to stroll you via how Confluent can bring peace and simplicity to the lives of the individuals who function with Kafka.

Cloud-native is the long term of infrastructure

There is often a greater demand for application features than there is the capacity to deliver it. This indicates that application groups should concentrate on the routines that generate the most benefit that they quite possibly can. Frequently, this means furnishing new capabilities that specifically give a aggressive edge to consumers and users.

Of course, all programs involve storage and compute infrastructure to purpose with ongoing growth and upkeep, distracting from benefit-making function growth. This is specially genuine for Kafka, simply because distributed details infrastructure imposes a considerable chance price on groups deciding to function it themselves. Place just: Your occupation is ultimately to take care of your consumers. Whilst functioning Kafka might be a means to that finish, it is possible not the most simple way to get the occupation done. This problem is one of numerous motives that led to the increase of managed cloud services.

Elastic scaling for reals this time

Elastic scalability has often been an inherent element of the cloud’s mythology but has been sluggish in coming to fact. Early on in the cloud’s history, database innovators utilized new methods to horizontal elastic scalability of enormous datasets. Much more not long ago, microservices and container orchestration have aided bring application scalability to the masses. Nevertheless, details infrastructure usually has remained notoriously resistant to uncomplicated scalability.

Kafka has an excellent horizontal scale tale: matters are partitioned, particular person partition logs are assigned to various brokers, then eaten by scalable clusters of consumer programs. There are some scriptable instruments to administer these scale-oriented abilities, but self-managed clusters nonetheless involve considerable operational and complex abilities. For illustration, partition logs don’t stay evenly distributed on brokers as a cluster alterations about time. Even more, new matters are included, and partitions get perhaps uneven go through and generate targeted visitors, as business situations evolve. Which is just one illustration of a little something cluster administrators ought to go to to about time.

Confluent has designed-in elastic scalability. Clusters scale from to 100MBps throughput with no intervention and up to 11GBps (the present-day record as of this composing) via a easy web UI—no going partitions around, no rebalancing brokers. As the earth little by little catches up to the cloud’s authentic guarantees of elastic scale, Confluent brings scale to details infrastructure in a genuinely cloud-native way.

confluent 01 Confluent

Connecting your details in all places

Your existence will be multicloud in any case, so details infrastructure levels want to be multicloud-capable to be critical contenders. Confluent is multicloud, natively supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This flexibility is crucial when you want to run on far more than one cloud, or at minimum be able to threaten to. Confluent can make this uncomplicated by utilizing a single administration web UI and a unified control plane abstracted from the individual cloud infrastructure.

confluent 02 Confluent

But multicloud isn’t often plenty of! Often you don’t want to go everything to the cloud. Lots of corporations want to manage a combine of on-prem, private cloud, or general public cloud services. This hybrid cloud expertise is top rated of intellect for Confluent, creating it doable to manage backup services, segregate solutions, and take care of a complex Plan B via the Confluent UI.

confluent 03 Confluent

Really do not get shed in the ecosystem, get the whole package

As the Kafka community has identified in the ten decades considering that its start, you want far more than distributed logs to establish a successful function-pushed technique. You also want trustworthy and protected connections between all your methods and streams, which is no imply feat. Then you can get started to extract benefit from the whole technique with actual-time stream processing.

A number of components have emerged around core Kafka features to assist deliver on those demands, the two from the open up supply ecosystem and from Confluent:

  • Kafka Hook up: The common details integration framework that delivers an ecosystem of connectors. It eliminates the want to re-generate connectors for each individual new details supply.
  • Kafka Streams: A stream processing framework that enriches the existing Kafka consumer framework with complex stream processing features, rather than offloading stream processing to a further distributed technique.
  • Confluent Schema Registry: Assists manage compatibility between evolving programs as concept formats improve about time.
  • ksqlDB: The function streaming database for Kafka utilizing SQL to establish stream processing programs you might normally have designed with Kafka Streams.
  • Confluent Metrics API: Unifies numerous of the particular person metrics you could obtain via the JMX interface on many technique components into a single, queryable stream of JSON details.

The simple fact of components like these is that groups will ultimately want them. They have emerged from the Kafka community and from Confluent for that very motive. It is nearly not possible to be proficient plenty of in each of these locations to establish a resolution that does not involve continual focus for smooth operation.

With Confluent, you have all the instruments you want to be successful with Kafka at your fingertips. You can use one platform, and everything you want is there in a seamless, built-in way, which includes hundreds of connectors to preferred details sources.

Information security at scale is a ought to

Kafka has a least practical security tale: It gives sturdy encryption of details in flight and ACL-centered authentication and authorization as alternatives. Confluent expands on these capabilities in the ways enterprises anticipate.

confluent 04 Confluent

For illustration, all details in Confluent is encrypted at rest as well as in flight. On top rated of that, programs also involve authentication with each individual phone, eradicating the threat of accidentally acquiring “wide open” ports.

A selection of other Confluent capabilities assist hold security easy, which includes SAML-centered single indicator-on and protected entry to other cloud means in your VPCs.

As proof of these protected abilities, Confluent meets numerous sector benchmarks and certification achievements, conference necessities for PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR as well as SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and ISO 27001 certifications.

It is a problem to accomplish all of these certifications when also furnishing numerous other protected and hassle-free capabilities out of the box. Developers can establish with self esteem when leaving the heavy security carry to the managed platform.

But don’t just take my phrase for it. You can consider our fully managed Kafka support for free of charge via Confluent or your cloud service provider of alternative.

Tim Berglund is senior director of developer advocacy at Confluent.

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