When Kubernetes is not the solution

Kubernetes is just the most up-to-date case in point of a strong technological know-how that can offer a sound answer in many scenarios. Whilst it might seem like all the great youngsters are deciding upon Kubernetes-similar technological know-how, it is not suitable for every single software. When a technological know-how has this kind of a big pursuing that its use will become a forgone conclusion, that’s when problems are produced and initiatives get derailed. 

Most enterprises that are transferring to cloud-centered platforms will take into account utilizing containers and Kubernetes. Lots of enterprises utilizing cloud already are also utilizing Kubernetes. Kubernetes does offer many resources that make it much easier to handle and scale distributed methods, such as microservices. It is also an orchestration technique, this means we can bind collectively procedures and providers to type much larger, additional holistic options.

As offered on the official Kubernetes documentation web site, “Kubernetes gives you with a framework to run resilient distributed methods. It takes treatment of scaling and failover for your software, gives deployment designs, and additional.”

Automation and orchestration are frequent factors to leverage Kubernetes. Keep in thoughts that automation and orchestration often get confused, and for fantastic rationale. Automation can assistance make a business process additional successful by decreasing or taking away human involvement with software program or components that performs certain duties. For case in point, automation can launch a process to reorder raw materials mechanically when other procedures recognize that materials are below a certain degree. In small, a one job is automatic.

Orchestration, in distinction, will allow you to automate a workflow. Orchestration can keep track of sequence and actions, and can even invoke many one-job automations that are aspect of the workflow. Orchestration is a strong Kubernetes resource that also will allow you to invoke providers this kind of as database access throughout disparate methods.

What’s occurring now is that many builders and architects decide on Kubernetes to automate procedures utilizing the orchestration motor. Which is like hitting a thumbtack with a sledgehammer. You’ll finish up investing way as well many pounds on advancement and cloud resources to clear up a easy, certain issue.

A different point that often gets missed is that Kubernetes is a complex technique alone it calls for special knowledge and at instances can improve hazard. You’ll have to recognize containers, networks, security, resiliency, portability, and a ton additional to be prosperous with this platform. 

Keep in thoughts that Kubernetes is not a regular virtualized atmosphere. Lots of who do not have these ability sets will struggle to create, deploy, and operate Kubernetes-centered methods, and the challenge often fails. Postmortems show that the picked out platform and applications were way as well complex. The purposes could have been improved designed with fewer and less costly applications that current personnel already comprehended.

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