What To Consider When Designing A Parking Lot Light System

Architects and designers have a lot of fun assignments to do. One of them is the design of the parking lot scheme that is a perfect fit for some people who enjoy this type of design. See the importance of design here.

Some might think that there’s nothing complex about this, but this task asks as much dedication as everything else. In this article, we’re going to share a few tips for all those who struggle in the parking lot lighting design. Follow and learn more!

First, choose the type of lights

The first thing you must take into consideration is what type of light you’re going to use. This issue will tell you many other things.

Why this is important? Well, if you choose light bulbs that are not very strong to preserve the light pollution in the area, you’re going to need more posts and placed closer. This way you’ll cover the entire area.

If you choose the standard distance between posts and install low lights, you’ll get a lot of blind spots where it’s dark and people can’t see. This is both a bad thing about people using the parking lot and a great thing for thieves who will see a perfect opportunity to steal from your clients.

This is why parking light considerations should be on top of the priority before anything else is developed and designed.

Number of lights and distance of posts

When you know the power you have, you can calculate how much distance you should put from one post to another. Here, another problem arises – the type of ground which not always is a pure square.

Sometimes some obstacles need to be overcome. Trees, buildings, and other things. That’s why a good designer should be aware of the electricity issues that technicians will come across while working. The designer must be aware of the problem and provide a scheme that will be easy for the electricians to set up a network of cables and provide electricity everywhere around the place.

Think about the environment

As we said previously – light pollution is a serious problem in big cities, so if there’s a chance to provide the necessary lighting and still keep things to a lower polluting level – that would be great.

Another important thing you may take into consideration is using LED lamps that are going to last a long time, produce no heat, and are generally better than the standard ones.

An even better option is to provide solar panels on top of them and not use electricity at all. With the help of the sun, you can provide all the energy you need for their work. They’ll fill up with the needed energy during the day and spend it during the night.

This is the best option among all modern technologies as it’s an ultimate way to spend energy that is not polluting the environment. See more about this here: https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2014/02/f7/parking_lots_guide.pdf.

Overall looks

If the parking lot is brand new, you’ll want it to look perfect, right? Even if you’re working on a remodeling or redecorating, you should make sure the whole place gets a design that will be amazing.

Make sure you suggest types of posts and lights that are not going to be boring and ordinary. Go with something that will be interesting, fun, and catch the attention of people.

No one wants to look at buildings that have nothing to offer, nor people like living inside. These people are bored and generally unhappy with the way of life, so why any designer would live a simple lighting post undecorated and joyful?


These few tips should be very helpful in considering how to design your new parking lot. It may not be too complex for some, but it’s still a serious issue that requires a lot of dedication and paying attention to details that are not seen by the naked eye and the people coming to park but are highly important for the whole functioning of the place.

A perfect parking lot design requires taking care of the issues above. They may not be hard to implement, but a good designer must pay attention to all of them.