VMware files lawsuit against former COO – Strategy – Training & Development – Networking

VMware has submitted a lawsuit in opposition to its previous main functioning officer Rajiv Ramaswami in excess of his the latest exit to take up the main government job at Nutanix.

Ramaswami moved to Nutanix before this month, nonetheless VMware alleges he breached “legal and contractual responsibilities and obligations” to it in performing so.

“For at minimum two months just before resigning from [VMware], at the similar time he was working with senior leadership to condition VMware’s critical strategic vision and course, Mr. Ramaswami also was secretly assembly with at minimum the CEO, CFO, and seemingly the full board of directors of Nutanix to turn into Nutanix’s main government officer,” VMware mentioned in a assertion.

“He joined Nutanix as its CEO only two days just after leaving VMware.”

Ramaswami formally joined Nutanix on December nine, succeeding co-founder Dheeraj Pandey as CEO.

VMware claimed Ramaswami “demonstrated very poor judgement and had a clear and extended time period of conflict of desire.” 

“He need to have disclosed this conflict of desire to VMware so that the enterprise could have taken measures to protect by itself, but he did not notify VMware, and thus deprived the enterprise of the capacity to do so by concealing his Nutanix-linked pursuits,” VMware billed.

VMware mentioned it expected staff to “honour their commitments to the company”.

“Executive officers need to be held to an even larger conventional,” it mentioned.

VMware additional that it had attempted to steer clear of litigation but claimed Ramaswami and Nutanix “refused to interact … in a satisfactory way.”

The seller mentioned it was making an attempt to protect its brand name and the “billions of dollars” spent on its roadmap and R&D.