Visual Studio Code 1.66 shines on JavaScript heap profiles, CSS formatting

Visual Studio Code 1.66, also identified as the March 2022 release of the code editor, has just been published by Microsoft. The new release provides advancements to JavaScript heap profiles, CSS code formatting, and community background.

Visual Studio Code 1.66 turned offered on March 30. It can be downloaded from the challenge web site for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 

In VS Code 1.66, the JavaScript debugger now supports collecting and visualizing heap profiles, so developers can see in which and how much memory is currently being allotted about time. These profiles have been additional as an selection in the “Debug: Choose Functionality Profile” command. Also for JavaScript, Microsoft has aligned the semantic highlighting of JavaScript supply in HTML files with what is found in normal .jscode documents. This can make code colors much more consistent and provides important semantic info that was lacking previously, this kind of as highlighting study-only forms.

Also in Visible Studio Code 1.66, the constructed-in CSS extension now ships with a code formatter, implemented by the js-beautify library, that functions with CSS, Significantly less, and CSS. For nearby history, VS Code 1.66 introduces a heritage of files obtainable in the Timeline watch. Based on configured options, every time an editor is saved, a new entry is added to the listing.

Elsewhere in Visual Studio Code 1.66:

  • A language editor in the settings editor enables viewing and enhancing of all settings that can be configured for the language with the ID languageId. End users can provide language-distinct settings, or language overrides. Also in the settings editor, workspace and folder options now are preserved right until manually reset by the person.
  • When searching in the VS Code terminal, all scenarios of the look for expression now will be highlighted.
  • TypeScript 4.6.3, a slight update that fixes some bugs, is bundled with the editor. TypeScript 4.6 was published in late February.
  • An R in Visible Studio Code topic describes R language assistance in the editor through the R extension.
  • Visual Studio Code for the World wide web now supports dragging and dropping of area documents and folders into a browser window opened on or utilizing a browser that supports the website file method access API to entry contents.

Last month’s Visible Studio Code 1.65 launch emphasised editor heritage navigation, debugging, and audio cues.

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