Understand the Importance of Smart Parking

It is vital to start by saying that the parking industry is evolving as other industries as well especially when it comes to technology. The main problem nowadays is that most major cities tend to struggle with inadequate parking availability and traffic congestion.

Of course, sensor technologies changed and improved the user experience during this particular process. At the same time, smart parking is something that makes a shift between traditional forms and the future.

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In the future, we can expect more flexible systems than today such as wireless communications between vehicles, cameras, induction loops, data analytics, advanced algorithms, and smart parking meters.

Automation Is the Future

We all remember those sci-fi movies that explained to us that in the future we would sit and wait for the autopilot to bring us wherever we want. The future of parking will be affected by the developing of AVs, automated vehicles.

For instance, some cities in the world are beginning to trial specialized AV parking lots, self-parking vehicles and robotic valets. Technology has started to affect every part of our lives in the modern age we live in.

According to most experts, global automotive sales reached a record in the previous year, and the increase in sales is driven due to cognitive factors such as lower unemployment numbers, rising population and ability to find a vehicle that will be suited for your overall budget.

Even though the increase of cars will benefit the automotive industry, it is causing problems when it comes to parking zoning changes and inability to accommodate all vehicles.

Since there are more cars on the road, developers have to implement technological advancements to parking so that they can accommodate new standards in tight and crowded significant cities.

Today, you can find many automated parking garages that will provide you exceptional benefits when compared with traditional ones. The main advantages are the low price tag, higher space utilization, luxurious user experience, and low environmental impact.

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1.Save Money and Space

When it comes to typical parking garages, you should have in mind that they are constructed to provide you the ability to have enough room to circulate in both directions, so that you can maneuver with ease.

On the other hand, automated garages do not require circulated space, which will provide developers the ability to use more space than before. Therefore, that will create better parking configuration.

At the same time, automated parking garages are perfect for projects that feature limited construction area since they require less building volume and less space than standard garages.

This particular benefit will allow parking companies to boost return on investment by using more space for practical purposes.

You should have in mind that automated garages will allow you the ability to save money on construction costs through reduced construction time, excavation and lower land costs.

The most substantial savings is in operator salaries, HR, insurance, hiring and other expanses that you do not need in the automated garage. Low ventilation costs are also a great advantage because you will need one or two air changes per hour.

Since there are no lights required for it to function correctly, you will avoid paying hefty utility bills, which will save more money in your pockets.

Finally, you will have reduced insurance premiums because cars will be inside the locked garage in which only authorized personnel can enter. Therefore, it is almost impossible to create havoc by stealing or vandalizing cars inside.

2. Reduce Environmental Impact

Remember the last time you went to a public garage, and you needed to cruise around so that you can find an empty parking space. Driving floor after floor for finding a space is something, which is time-consuming and you will keep your engine running more than usual.

You probably did not consider that driving car around creates a negative impact on the environment due to continuous emissions.

On the other hand, when you consider an automated parking garage, you should have in mind that cars will go off before they enter inside, which will reduce pollutants up to 80%.

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3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

If we have to compare traditional garages with automated ones, you should have in mind that parking and retrieving cars in automated garages is the peace of mind and easy transfer without breaking a sweat.

It is not expensive for developers to increase customer satisfaction and experience during the parking process. Therefore, they implement slick touch screens as well as mobile apps that will provide you the ability to retrieve the vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Reports are stating and anticipating that in the US alone will be up to 300 million motor vehicles on the road until we reach 2022, which means that parking will be more challenging than today.

Therefore, with automated technology, developers will handle any number of cars and place them into safe areas without spending too much time and money.

Why Does Every Business Require Automated Parking System?

You should have in mind that you can find numerous services and companies that will develop both hardware and software for automated parking systems that will benefit your business overall.

The main goal of all systems is that they are constructed and designed to provide you any volume based on your real estate so that you can improve the number of parking space and reduce additional expenses.

You will also be able to ensure the safety of every single vehicle since the driver will be the last person that drives it before it is parked. We have mentioned above that it is a cost-effective solution that will reduce ventilation and lighting requirements, and eliminate the need for valets.

At the same time, another great advantage of this particular system is that you will get a more secure and safer parking experience than you ever had. You will maintain the key, and keep everything inside and secure, and the possibility for parking-related damages are minimal.