The world’s first RISC-V GPU could be on the horizon

As RISC-V has emerged as a likely competitor to both equally x86 and Arm, conversations are now becoming had about making GPUs for chip types dependent on the new architecture.

In accordance to RISC-V CTO Mark Himelstein who spoke with The Sign up, specific desire groups will broaden their focus on extensions for shaders and innovative matrix operations which are important for both equally AI and equipment learning up coming year.

RISC-V International, the non-profit firm that produced and supports the free of charge and open RISC instruction established architecture, has a number of desire groups which establish extensions that can be additional to chip types.

In this year alone, sixteen RISC-V extensions had been ratified according to Himelstein and that number is established to increase even more up coming year as lots of new extensions had been declared at the 2021 RISC-V Summit.


By making GPUs exclusively for RISC-V, it will be a lot easier to perform AI and equipment learning do the job using chips that includes the architecture. On the other hand, by concentrating on shaders, a GPU extension for gaming and graphics style could be attainable as well.

Himelstein delivered further more perception on extensions and how they’re implemented in RISC-V to The Sign up, saying:

“If anyone demands anything more immediately, they can put into practice it as a non-normal extension and put into practice it by themselves with their proprietary bits, and then bring it back to RISC-V, try to get it in as a normal, if which is what they want, or they could retain it proprietary.”

Whilst RISC-V GPUs could be a truth one day it will possible consider some time right before they are offered to buy off the shelf. On the other hand, as the thought is now becoming mentioned and getting steam, it could take place sooner than envisioned.

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