The Real Truth About Arbitrage Betting Software


Arbitrage betting software has been about now for a few years now and the principle behind the practice of leveraging small variations in betting odds is surely not new since it involves a relatively simple formula.

Most arbitrage betting software packages have always been rather poorly performing, slow and inaccurate, that is up until now!

Since the internet revolution, countless bookmaker websites have sprang up all over the world which allows for some amazing technology to be developed specifically designed to finding situations whereby at least two bookmakers are offering odds on the outcome of a particular event in such a manner that no matter which player or team you place your bet on, you cannot lose.

This system is not only guaranteed, but it is totally legal as well.

Experienced gamblers have known about this phenomenon for years and have tried with varying degrees of success to try to beat the system manually, but it is very difficult to do so in this way.

And that is where a particularly renowned software programmer steps in. His name is Steve Carillo, original developer of the famous Forex money making software FAP Turbo, which went on to become the top selling day trading software ever.

Carillo is in fact a renowned programming genius and as soon as those in the know discovered that he recently launched his 100 percent winners, sports arbitrage betting software, there was an absolute frenzy on release day and most of the copies were snapped up.

100 Percent Winners is a completely revolutionary system which finds profitable “trades” for you.

This software is the only software available that guarantees winners, 100 percent of the time or your money back.

Will you become wealthy overnight with this software? The answer to that question is no.

This is mostly due to the fact that the leveraging odds are so minuscule, normally 2-3% however higher odds are possible, but lets just stick to what is definitely possible, for arguments sake.

This is how I use my 100 Percent Winners arbitrage betting software to great effect.

I started with £100 (as I am in the UK) to try out the system, dip my toe in so to speak.

The first wager came in at 8%, not bad I thought, so I raised my next bet to £500 but decided to stick to around 4% as these trades are super-easy to find and easy to implement.

I have been using that strategy for six weeks and now have accumulated £1600 in my Moneybookers account, not too bad I think.

So making a couple of thousand a month with arbitrage betting software is what you want to be realistically aiming at which is entirely realistic.

As a side note, I first bought a similar but vastly inferior system several years ago for £8000, yes, that’s £8k in new money. It did work but was a poor comparison to 100 Percent Winners.

100 Percent Winners is great and extremely user friendly, and the best part is that it costs only a few dollars to get going.

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