The new Spike app and how it can benefit you


As someone who uses email substantially, you might be interested in obtaining the latest version of an app called Spike for your business or personal inbox requirements. Henceforth, you might not be entirely sure if this app is what you are looking for when it comes to collaborating emails into one message type of flow; however, with the help of previous clients who left reviews on sites such as uniathena reviews about this unique and upcoming application, you might find some beneficial tips and ideas on how it works and additionally would assist you in your every day personal or business life. And as someone who knows all about computers, you might be surprised to find that the everyday life of someone using emails a lot, for whatever reason, can be improved substantially, as mentioned before, by simply completing your tasks in one unified inbox. 

What does it do? 

The new inbox collaborative application called Spike is an app installed to connect you with your Gmail, Outlook, and other email exchange devices to create one mail account; simply put, it now allows for a more conversational aspect when it comes to sending and receiving emails, by prioritizing them, and even placing the unimportant ones at a side, for a later view and resolving. For example, by making the whole process more chat-like, it groups by people and not threads or topics. Hence, it transforms any inbox into an interface that collaborates all things needed, such as tasks or video calls, into one system used daily. And for those interested in establishing it on the business side, it is the best choice to enhance workflow for yourself and your employees. 

Emails are now chat-like

In retrospect, and as mentioned before, emails are now updated with the use of the new app called Spike, as it collaborates all information gathered in your inbox and neatly positions them for you into one neat box of priorities and so forth. It simply puts the old way of communicating via email to shame, as it forces an interface of a chat-like feature so that people can connect sufficiently and appropriately by removing threads and concentrating on communicating like human beings again. In addition to all of its business features, there are also those benefits to everyday life, for instance when making a grocery list, or any other to-do list, you can now install it in such a way that it encourages you to complete every task by which it healds accountability for. In addition, when working on a deadline, Spike gives you notifications and updates on how you are progressing workwise, and these appear at the top of your inbox as you flow through your day so that you, at the end of the day, do not break a sweat when it comes to meeting deadlines. 

Staying on track

Spike will allow you not to forget a single thing, making the flow of life and business much more efficient. Never again would you forget a single task, as Spike would send you reminders as the day progresses, for example, by completing your to-do list with you in a few clicks. Moreover, it is like having a time machine remembering every aspect of what you had to finish on that specific day and then encouraging you to meet those deadlines you gave yourself. In addition, by incorporating a sidebar chat-like feature, you can keep abreast of your to-do list while keeping in touch with the people working in collaboration to achieve your goals. 

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