The Evolution Of Technology – Replacing Old With New

The Evolution Of Technology – Replacing Old With New

The internet is a generic tool wherein no any other form of its data exists in the universe such that the information being provided by it in Russia or in Kenya is similar to the rest of the world despite its translation to a number of languages. Internet connections in cellphones, desktops, laptops and now, tablet computers called iPad and Galaxy by leading manufacturers have created an overwhelming impact on the information technology.

Business transactions have become more convenient because of the internet. Because of its accessibility, big business entities choose to advertise through it for the launching and promotion of certain products, upload information through it with regards to market share, reviews, benefits and among others, aiming for the consumers’ money. Known as internet marketing, it has provided for an inexpensive medium of advertisement that targets a wide bracket of audience at such a short time to and from all points of the world. However, prospective buyers are faced with a number of limitations. Unlike buying or shopping from commercial establishments where purchasing for such items is based on the buyers perspectives, internet shopping does not guarantee satisfaction as limitations with regards to how a product feels, tastes, smells or fits are not experienced.

The internet is considered a portal of unlimited knowledge and is a preferred tool in research activities by students and faculty better than books and the library. Over the years since its invention, library users and transactions have dwindled and its decline is well-documented. In 2002-2004, a large scale study on university and academic libraries was conducted in the United States and revealed that references transaction declined by 4.5 percent yearly. Known as digital libraries, the internet through search engines such as Google and yahoo provides for information within seconds. Despite being unreliable at times compared to libraries, the internet is preferred due to its quick access.

Communication has dramatically improved because of the internet as Skype and yahoo messenger led for an interactive communication where both parties see each other on the monitor of the computers. Furthermore, internet providers have teamed up with various cellphone companies for additional services such as SMS and internet access making cellphones as internet kiosks. Data, communication letters, pictures, documents and among can be sent, retrieved, stored and downloaded within seconds through emails and other social networks compared to days with courier services. Aside from being cost-effective, the internet has provided for a convenient, fast and handy tool for communication.

The decline in the use of advertising company’s services, libraries, telephones is inevitable as computers are such a multi-task, cost-effective, time-efficient tool that is incomparable to other devices. Overtime, it is not far from reality that libraries, telephones and other utility services will vanish because of computers.

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