The benefits of teleworking for workers

7 Benefits of Telecommuting That Prove It's Here to Stay

Is your boss considering a teleworking policy for your office or the entire company? 

The state of the world in the COVID-19 pandemic is full of business disruptions and one of the best ways to reduce those for businesses is to keep their staff safe at home.

Have you been thinking of doing jobs working from home in order to improve your quality of life?  Maybe this is the answer. Here is the lowdown on what some teleworkers experience with regards to improvements in their quality of life. 

The essential tools for teleworking are a computer and an internet connection. Internet Service Providers can install hyperfast internet to your home for a seamless connection to your office and customers.

Not every job will be able to work from home. The most popular and common jobs working from home are office work, support staff, and management executives.

No Commuting

A recent study conducted in Brazil showed that most workers spend a lot less money on traveling to and from work. They also have more time to actually work since they are already at “work” and do not have to commute.


Many of the people participating in the study also feel safer working from home because they feel there is a lower chance of being accosted and robbed on the street. This is Brazil – one of the countries with the highest crime rates, after all. However, they also feel less exposed to pollution from the environment.

Flexible Schedules

The study also showed that the people had more time to interact with their families. They felt that this flexible schedule improved their moods and their productivity.

Enhanced Relationships with Management

There is a greater level of responsibility required as well as a greater level of trust from the managers delegating work. Staff are able to discuss matters in a more direct way with management for clearer instructions and project outcomes.

Learning Discipline

Teleworking teaches staff greater levels of responsibility. The level of maturity, discipline and responsibility required to work from home forces staff to develop a sustainable work ethic that normally is inculcated in the workplace.

Enhanced Training

Managers have reported an increase in productivity from staff members able to execute more functions by themselves. Most of the study’s respondents also felt that online training for new systems was more useful and helpful than at-work training sessions. 


Interestingly enough, teleworking opens up a lot of opportunities. Teleworking levels the playing field. To shine, your work must be perfect. Commitment, dedication, and hard work count more than ever before. The kitchen chatter and socialising that was once an integral part of offices, now means that people are advanced and promoted on skills and merit alone. So if the opportunity presents itself for you to work from home in a teleworking capacity, there is at this moment more benefits and disadvantages for you to contemplate. The improvement in your quality of life definitely makes it worth exploring this option for you and your family.