The Benefits Of Installing a Parking Kiosk

People are not aware of the fact that even public property is not completely public if there are people living nearby. Also, shop owners and businessmen are often not realizing that their parking place is being used by a total stranger who is not able to find a better spot for leaving their vehicles.

All this can be solved very easily if you know your rights and you know the proper ways. The solution is called CVPS Self Parking Kiosk. This is the best option for residential areas, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. But why CVPS Self Parking solutions?

CVPS stands for Creating Visions for Parking Systems. It is a company that founded the parking kiosks back in the ’90s when only the municipal authorities used appliances for charging citizens on public parking. A lot of people thought that this is wasting time, but it has shown that this is the ultimate best way to protect your car place.

Being the first ones to create something like this, you can be sure that they are also the best ones. Today, their features and modern technologies allow the customers using them to enjoy everything a modern paying kiosk can offer.

Using them for residential buildings

A lot of people living in urban areas struggle with their own parking space. The traffic is staggering these days and the city core is always having trouble finding enough place for everyone. Buildings that are supposed to have reserved spots have a hard time managing to keep them free. Unless a person stands on the spot for the whole day, it’s nearly impossible to keep it open for their real owner.

When you combine the residents of a whole building you’ll see that we’re talking for 20+ people who are dealing with stress every day because of this.

The parking kiosk created by CVPS is a smart kiosk. Why? Because it is so well made that it can be controlled over the internet and be programmed to pass only cars that you’ll allow to be passed. You can see what’s going on at the kiosk at any time using the app, but what’s more importantly, you can manage who can use the parking space through the same app. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, work, or traveling somewhere. It is manageable through PC, tablet, and Smartphone.

How can you make a profit

People who own businesses know how important is to have their own free customer parking. No one likes to park 300 feet away from the store. However, stores inside the urban areas often have trouble with people using their slots for personal needs. The end result is – no place for the customers and cars of total strangers keeping the free slots for the whole working day.

The solution for this will give you the opportunity to give your customers a free spot and earn money from your private property at the same time. Installing one of these kiosks can keep your customers free from paying anything, and everyone else pays for their stay at your property. You can act as a public garage that is charging even though this is not your main priority. See this interesting article on ticketing and earning from this.

How can hotels and restaurants benefit

The cool part of the CVPS is that it can be a robotized valet service too. How is this possible? Well, it’s not like the kiosk is going to sit in the car and drive it behind the premise, but it will do everything else that standard valet service is having trouble with.

A lot of people complain of scratches and lousy maintenance after the valet person takes the car. Very often this isn’t true and the owners of the restaurants or the hotels have a hard time dealing with such customers.

With this option, the person leaving its vehicle with the valet service can have a complete inside look of the whole process. Right after getting inside for dinner, they can turn on the app and see where their car is. The software is designed to keep complete control. It takes pictures before and after so there’s absolutely no chance for anyone to think their car was damaged at the premises.

This way, both the visitors and the owners are certain that an eventual problem will be easily solved because everything is kept under control. On top of this, the owner of the car is stress-free knowing that the system is taking care of everything. They can just enjoy their dinner. The owners too shouldn’t be worried about anything because they’ll know that they won’t have to get into meaningless conversations about who did what, and eventually hire lawyers to protect their side in court.

Another important thing regarding the CVPS is that once the clients understand about it, they’ll love spending more time in the restaurants and hotels that own this piece of equipment. Knowing at all times that their assets are protected gives people a feeling of security and relax them. And what’s the most important thing to everyone when they go out of their home? Of course, to feel satisfied and stress-free. Look at this post, you’ll see that security is ranking very high among the most important things people expect from hotels:


The CVPS parking kiosk is an option that shouldn’t even be discussed if it’s good or not. It’s clear that it’s the best option for many situations. What should be discussed is where it should be placed, what features are the best for different situations and places and should it be used for collecting revenue or just to prevent people from using the parking space that’s meant for someone else.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that there’s no better solution on the market at the moment. Installing this will give you the freedom, comfort, and the chance not just to always have a free parking slot, but to use it as a way to make more money that you can later spend on something you really need.