NBN Co cuts average number of users per wireless cell to 19 – Telco/ISP

NBN Co said it has reduced the number of users per fixed wireless cell from “historical levels of around 60” down to 19 “on average”.

The company said that reducing the average number of users per cell was one initiative it had undertaken to “achieve increased data rates for users”.

It was also optimising “end user radio conditions” and “actively balancing user profiles” as part of the same package of works, it said in a statement today.

“Following a 20 percent increase in the number of active cells in the last twelve months, there are currently 19 users per cell on average, a reduction from historical levels of around 60,” NBN Co said in a statement.

Congestion on the fixed wireless network has been a multi-year challenge for NBN Co and has cost the company at least $800 million to fix.

In 2017, NBN Co had approximately 5000 cells activated

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