Handheld display that could help blind people perceive information through touch wins award

A University of Tub engineering challenge that aims to assist visually impaired men and women understand objects, styles and text by touching an interactive handheld pad has gained a prize that will see the technological innovation turned into a performing prototype.

The challenge, which was awarded first prize in a levels of competition run by semiconductor maker X-FAB and prototyping professional EUROPRACTICE, signifies a potential breakthrough in how vibrotactile displays could function.

The ‘seeing pad’ display, a cell cell phone-sized rubber pad, makes use of tiny vibrating actuators that can be raised and decreased to display a form or sample, this kind of as Braille characters. Programs for identical displays have previously been mentioned but have been constrained by the large sizing of the actuators and electromagnetic coils that underpin them.

The vibrotactile display could be fitted to a cell cell phone.

Dr Ali Mohammadi, together with colleagues from Bath’s 

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