Elevate Your Tech Talent Onboarding with These 5 Tips

Companies across all sectors are struggling to find tech workers to implement everything from in-demand automation technologies to digital workplace solutions. A Gartner survey
found that 64% of IT executives see the talent shortage as the most significant barrier to adopting emerging technologies, compared with just 4% in 2020.

Why the tech talent shortage exists is often debated. Many blame universities for not training graduates in the advanced skills needed today. Others point to retirements and resignations, COVID accelerating the need for virtual solutions and rapid advances in tech making it hard to keep skills current. There are also retention issues that start with onboarding and continue throughout the employee lifecycle. Typically, it is a combination of challenges that contribute to the problem.

A frequently overlooked factor in the tech talent shortage is the role played by the employer itself. Business leaders can often be like today’s consumers, wanting everything

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