A Love Letter to Grand Theft Auto’s Best Side Stories

On Staunton Island, Cipriani mainly can take missions from Donald Love, who may or may not be impressed by a selected media mogul turned some thing else. In contrast to in GTA III, this youthful and a lot more erudite version of Donald seems straight out of Phillips Exeter and Yale, ranting to “Antonio” about his political ambitions with sing-songy glee.

Cipriani would make an early mark on the new island by assassinating Mayor R. C. Gap, someway only engendering a a single-star needed degree (so actually, how beloved was he), and then derailing the marketing campaign of Miles O’Donovan, who seeks the mayorship in the aftermath. In “Steering the Vote,” Cipriani, and by proxy, you the player, journey about in a marketing campaign van spewing propaganda: “O’Donovan hates The united states” and “Donald Love is a war hero.”

Sure, the 2005 Rockstar basic predicted what even the savviest

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