A new building block for spintronic technologies — ScienceDaily

Researchers at Pohang University of Science and Know-how (POSTECH) and Seoul National University in South Korea have shown a new way to boost the strength performance of a non-risky magnetic memory device called SOT-MRAM. Revealed in Superior Elements, this finding opens up a new window of remarkable chances for potential strength-effective magnetic memories primarily based on spintronics.

In modern-day computers, the random entry memory (RAM) is used to store info. The SOT-MRAM (spin-orbit torque magnetic RAM) is just one of the foremost candidates for the up coming-era memory systems that purpose to surpass the performance of numerous current RAMs. The SOT-MRAM may well function quicker than the swiftest current RAM (SRAM) and keep info even following the electric powered strength supply is driven off while all quickly RAMs current these days reduce info as before long as the strength supply is driven off. The present stage of the SOT-MRAM

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