6 Times We Tried to Extract Gold from Seawater

Several of the prospectors looking for to strike it loaded in the course of the California Gold Hurry traveled countless numbers of miles by foot, wagon or horseback. But for us modern-working day millionaire hopefuls, any old coastline just may do the trick.

Which is for the reason that in 1872, British chemist Edward Sonstadt uncovered scant traces of gold in seawater. At that place, scientists by now understood about the silver, copper and guide hidden within just the world’s oceans — but practically nothing still as useful as gold. Sonstadt suggested that substantial tanks could be utilised in the course of high tide to lure and extract prosperity from the seas (estimated to be about 65 milligrams of gold for each ton of seawater).

Now, some industry experts argue that seawater extraction could come to be a a lot more appealing choice to latest gold mining practices and long

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