How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science

Even when leaders proclaim in their townhalls that your business desires to be extra agile and nimble, they simply cannot mandate it. Your CIO and IT leaders might standardize on procedures, metrics, and tasks that they explain as agile methodology expectations, but they simply cannot dictate that everyone adopts agile cultures and mindsets.

You can choose agile instruments, automate extra with devops procedures, and permit citizen information science plans, but you simply cannot pressure adoption and need personnel contentment. IT operations might work a hybrid multicloud architecture, but that does not necessarily mean that expenses are optimized or that infrastructure can scale up and down automobile-magically.

So, if you had been hunting to quickly standardize your agile procedures, or to miraculously deal with complex credit card debt by shifting to agile architectures, or to right away transform into an agile way of functioning, then I am sorry to disappoint you.

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