Oracle ships Java 14 with new preview, productivity features

Oracle’s latest release of the Java language and platform, Java 14 — also recognised as Oracle JDK14 — brings a collection of options targeted on aiding developers code more rapidly and additional successfully.

The latest Java Development Package (JDK) provides new developer-targeted options like Java language guidance for swap expressions, new APIs for continuous monitoring of JDK Flight Recorder facts, and extended availability of the very low-latency Z Rubbish Collector to macOS and Home windows.

In addition, Java 14 contains a few preview options that appear out of the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEP) method. These are Pattern Matching, or JEP 305 Information, or JEP 359 and Text Blocks, also recognised as JEP 368.

Java twelve introduced swap expressions in preview, and it is now typical in Java 14. This aspect extends the Java swap statement so it can be made use of as both a statement or an expression. “Basically,

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