Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum review: Quiet 2-in-1 cleaning and a long battery life Review

The Kyvol S31 robotic vacuum is the newest in line of robotic vacuums that mechanically empties the robot’s onboard dustbin, a boon for people today like me who come across the daily emptying of the robot’s dustbin a little bit of a drag.

Its charging base has an integrated charging base with a four.3L self-emptying dustbin. So when the robotic gets again to its base, the dust is extracted into the charging base.

The robotic by itself is strong with a 3000Pa suction motor, which is the most strong motor I have ever attempted. It is silent, also, at somewhere around 45 decibels so is barely apparent in use.

The S31 employs Laser Distance Sensors (LDS) to navigate and retailer the map of the area. It has a prolonged runtime of up to four hours from its 5,200mAh battery — but I uncovered that it under no circumstances ran out

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