LG C1 OLED TV review: The best high-end TV for the money

OLED TVs have the best picture quality available, and today there’s more choices in OLED than ever. From the less-expensive LG A1 and Vizio H1 to the wallet-busting Sony A90J and LG G1, high-end shoppers who’ve decided on an OLED TV face another tough decision: which OLED TV, exactly? I haven’t reviewed all of them, but from what I’ve seen so far, the best option for most buyers is the LG OLED C1. It combines that incredible image quality with the best features — particularly for gamers — the widest range of screen sizes and a price that’s not too outrageous. 


  • Better picture quality than any non-OLED TV
  • Superior contrast and off-angle image
  • Best-in-class gaming features
  • Sleek styling with ultrathin panel

I compared the C1 directly to its predecessor, the LG CX, as well as to a TCL 8K QLED TV with Mini-LED that costs about the

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