Archaeologists Discover the Largest, Oldest Maya Monument Yet

As significantly as we experienced identified, it took yet another number of hundreds of years, until eventually about 350 BCE, for all those early Maya villages to coalesce into the large city-states of the Classic Period. These were political, financial, and ceremonial centers that dominated the encompassing farmland and more compact communities, ruled by elite courses and boasting tall pyramids. In advance of that, nobody experienced gotten about to arranging plenty of labor and means to get started building monuments in the Maya Lowlands—or so we imagined.

Aguada Fenix tells a different tale. Persons experienced been residing at the web page for some time in advance of building commenced Inomata and his colleagues discovered pottery, bones, and shells on the rise of bedrock beneath the earthen system by itself, dating to amongst 1250 and 1050 BCE. By about a thousand BCE, they experienced commenced the 1st stage of building.


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