In-House Gatekeepers Help CIOs Drive Digital Initiatives

Digital transformation is top-of-intellect for most corporations, and if it’s not, it really should be — only fifteen% of organizations prioritized it heading into 2020, but that amount is beginning to accelerate. In most circumstances, the duty to go these efforts ahead falls on the shoulders of CIOs, IT prospects and their respective groups. Some corporations are obviously further along in their digital transformation journeys than others, so what is it about these CIOs that permits them to go these efforts ahead?

Although there are certainly quite a few variables that element in, there is just one commonality that quite a few of these CIOs share: A robust partnership with a CFO who understands the intrinsic price that digital transformation can bring to the firm. CFOs unquestionably concur — a recent Dimensional Investigate survey located that eighty% are bullish about digital transformation, and a complete ninety two% think that a

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