Tiny wireless device sheds light on combating obesity — ScienceDaily

Gastric bypass medical procedures is occasionally the very last resort for people who battle with weight problems or have really serious wellbeing-connected troubles owing to their excess weight. Given that this technique consists of earning a smaller abdomen pouch and rerouting the digestive tract, it is quite invasive and prolongs the restoration period for people. In a new study, scientists at Texas A&M College have explained a medical product that may well assist with excess weight reduction and requires a more simple operative technique for implantation.

Researchers reported their centimeter-sized product gives the feeling of fullness by stimulating the endings of the vagus nerve with mild. Not like other units that require a power wire, their product is wi-fi and can be controlled externally from a distant radio frequency source.

“We needed to develop a product that not only requires minimal medical procedures for implantation but also will allow us

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