Ownerless web domains rigged to redirect visitors to dangerous addresses

Fraudsters are employing lapsed world-wide-web domains to redirect readers to risky URLs, designed to distribute adware and other forms of malicious material.

In accordance to stability firm Kaspersky, all around one,000 inactive domains are rigged to redirect customers to blacklisted webpages, some of which are able of triggering malware downloads.

Cybercriminals utilized these thousand domains to route customers to in excess of two,500 unrelated URLs, 89% of which were designed to produce advertising income (malvertising strategies) and 11% both contained malicious code or prompted the customer to down load contaminated paperwork and executables.

Hazardous world-wide-web domains

If a company or specific decides not to renew their ownership of a world-wide-web domain, the URL historically redirects readers to an auction stub notifying them of its availability.

On the other hand, in some occasions, hackers have discovered a way to swap the auction stub with a risky redirect system. Kaspersky thinks frauds

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