Apple’s M1 silicon brings new challenges for malware defenders

Obtaining a grip on malware threats for the most up-to-date versions of the macOS will necessarily mean discovering the interior-workings of Apple’s M1 chip.

Which is in accordance to renowned macOS protection researcher Patrick Wardle, who advised attendees at the 2021 Black Hat conference that in purchase to correctly split down and review Mac malware, it would be essential to get a grasp on its ARM64 architecture.

Initial released past 12 months, the M1 marks Apple’s 1st foray into custom desktop chips considering that the ill-fated PowerPC and the 1st time the engineering large has absent solely solo for a microprocessor. Considering that 2005, Mac desktop and laptop computer computer systems have applied Intel x86 CPUs. 

Whilst substantial-stage programming stays mostly the very same with the shift absent from Intel, the M1’s use of the ARM64 architecture means that the antimalware and protection groups who depend on reverse engineering and

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