LG HU810PW projector review: Powerful color and 4K resolution from 2 lasers

The LG HU810PW has lasers. Two of them! Lasers are awesome and I won’t hear anyone say otherwise. In this case the two lasers, aided by a green phosphor, let the 810P create some remarkably lifelike colors and a brilliantly sharp image thanks to its 4K DLP chip. Unfortunately, that DLP chip also creates a mediocre contrast ratio that lets down the 810P compared to the best home theater projectors I’ve reviewed.


  • Lasers create superb color
  • Exceedingly bright
  • Super-sharp 4K detail

Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Contrast ratio is terrible
  • Confusing settings
  • Lip-sync issues

What the 810P does right, it really does right. UltraHD 4K resolution is always welcome in a projector, letting every bit of detail in the video impress the eyes. This projector is also very bright, producing roughly 1,500 lumens. It’s the colors that steal the show, however, with deep vibrant reds, blues, greens and more, all at

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