DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: The Best Drone for Taking Photos and Videos

DJI’s new Mavic Air 2 folding-model drone is a massive enhancement about the prior model—so a great deal so that for most individuals, this is the ideal drone.

The Mavic Air 2 is the middle baby in DJI’s purchaser drone lineup, sitting down concerning the scaled-down, lighter, but less able Mavic Mini, and the extra powerful, extra able, but also extra pricey, Mavic 2.

If you’re just obtaining started out with drones, the less pricey Mavic Mini (eight/ten WIRED Recommends)—my prior best decide on for most people—might be a far better obtain. That said, the Air 2 features far better collision avoidance techniques, better good quality pics and movie, and a large assortment of automated flight characteristics that newcomers and seasoned vets alike can appreciate.

Big Star

Photograph: DJI

The Mavic Air 2 is slightly greater than its predecessor, at the very least on paper. In observe, I failed to detect the variation. The folding style and design remains compact, and at 1.3 pounds, the drone is a good deal portable. Completely folded, it usually takes up about as a great deal area as a medium-measurement telephoto lens. It matches nicely in numerous digicam luggage I occurred to be tests as nicely.

The digicam sensor is greater this time about also. The lens on the Air 2 is however 24mm-equal, with an f/2.eight aperture. Having said that DJI has moved to a bigger half-inch sensor on this drone, which would make for a great deal sharper pictures. The digicam captures 12 megapixels for every body, but you will find also an choice to crank out 48-megapixel pictures that are stitched alongside one another mechanically from various pictures. Offered circumstances are right for a composite image—meaning the drone is ready to seize various pictures of the same scene cleanly, without the wind throwing it about also much—the 48-megapixel pictures are spectacular.

Even though the photograph improvements are welcome for however photographers, most individuals will be extra fired up about the expanded movie capabilities, which now involve the potential to shoot 4K movie at sixty frames for every 2nd and 120 Mbps. The rest of the Mavic line—including the extra pricey Mavic 2 Pro—tops out at thirty fps when shooting in full 4K resolution.

The sixty frames for every 2nd 4K movie is primarily valuable when shooting just about anything rapidly-transferring. A movie with extra frames serves as a far better document of the scene and opens up extra alternatives when editing, this kind of as slowing down the footage to allow viewers to see extra of what occurred.

Greater 4K body fees are not the Air’s only tips for slowing down a scene. The drone also will come with some new gradual-movement modes that decelerate footage to four situations slower than actual lifestyle (1080p at 120 fps), or eight situations slower (1080 at 240 fps). Just observe that people modes are in High definition resolution, not full 4K. The other massive information in movie on the Air is support for HDR movie. Set it all alongside one another and you have an spectacular set of movie capabilities in a drone that matches simply in a digicam bag and fees less than $1,000.

I am going to be honest, the extra I shoot movie with drones, the less I want to do just about anything but fly. That is the fun part. Worrying about the shot? I’m delighted to let a laptop or computer manage that.

Photograph: Scott Gilbertson

It would seem to be I’m not by yourself. DJI has increasingly been incorporating in bits of computational pictures to make shooting less complicated and call for less operate on your conclusion. The newest energy is a thing the company phone calls Sensible Photo method. When you transform it on, Sensible Photo will review the scene, getting observe of the surroundings and the out there gentle. Then the drone taps its equipment intelligence algorithm and mechanically chooses concerning a wide variety of photograph modes. The modes include just about just about every type of scene you’re probable to experience with a drone, together with trees, grass, blue skies, sunsets, and snow. In each and every case, publicity is modified to enhance tone and depth.

Potentially the most important actual physical improve in this update is truly the style and design of the controller, which is a great deal bigger than what you can find in any of the other Mavics. Also, your telephone is mounted up best, somewhat than on the bottom. Due to the fact I started out off flying Phantom drones, which use the the screen-on-best configuration, I’m extra relaxed with that type of controller anyway. But for some, this could call for re-schooling your muscle tissue. (I must also observe that, as opposed to the Phantom controllers, the clamp does not lengthen far plenty of to hold a compact tablet, so you’re caught utilizing a telephone.)


Even though the digicam and automation improvements are all welcome, my beloved feature of the Mavic Air 2 is the a great deal-enhanced flight time. DJI statements 34 minutes in excellent circumstances. I under no circumstances strike that, but on eight unique flights I got about 32 minutes, which is spectacular, primarily thinking about the original Mavic Air struggled to get a great deal about twenty.

The extended flight time indicates you will find less of a want to pack more batteries, which not only lightens the load you want to carry, but also would make the Fly Extra kit—which bundles alongside one another more batteries, propellers, and a multi-battery charger for an more $189—feel less needed. That said, the battery-to-energy-lender adapter is extremely valuable for recharging in the field.

Remaining in the air extended may well be the Air 2’s best trick, but it really is undoubtedly not the only 1. The array has expanded to about six miles. I examined this to make positive it worked, but I will not counsel striving it you. At that length, your situational awareness is near zero, and you must genuinely maintain visible get in touch with with your drone at all situations. The DJI Fly application will also warn you about flying also higher. Safe and sound flight stages vary according to in which you are, so be positive to test regulations in your location. Also keep in mind that considering that the Mavic Air 2 weighs nicely about 250 grams, you want to register it with the FAA in buy to fly it legally.

Pilot Application

Just as photograph and movie characteristics are at any time-increasingly the province of synthetic intelligence, so also is flying. DJI has revamped its Active Observe feature to version 3. for the Air 2, which brings far better issue recognition algorithms and new 3D mapping capabilities. Put together, these characteristics make improvements to the drone’s potential to mechanically keep track of individuals as they shift via a scene. The digicam stays locked onto the issue, and the Air maneuvers as a great deal as it wants to in buy to maintain your issue in the body.

Photograph: Scott Gilbertson

DJI is also claiming that the Level of Fascination mode—where you pick out an object on the screen and then the Air mechanically flies about it in a massive circle when the digicam stays pointed at the subject—has been upgraded to far better keep track of some objects. Earlier variations often struggled to lock onto transferring vehicles or strolling individuals. Because of to the range of trees in which I reside, and absence of accessible open general public areas due to the pandemic, I was not ready to take a look at this with a car. But it did keep track of me nicely as I walked via my property.

To my brain, the most thrilling new flight method in the Air 2 is Spotlight, which has trickled down from from DJI’s qualified-grade Encourage drone. Like Active Observe method, Spotlight keeps the digicam pointed a transferring issue, monitoring it via the scene. The variation is that Spotlight method allows the human pilot to keep command of the flight route. You can fly about on the other hand what you want, and the drone will maintain the digicam pointed at your issue. (Inside of reason of course—if you fly driving a building, for instance, you can eliminate your issue.) Spotlight method opens up a massive array of pictures that had been earlier extremely tricky, if not impossible, in purchaser-grade drones.

This feature by yourself would make the Mavic Air 2 the drone to get, while I would expect Spotlight to at some point arrive to the Mavic 2 line as nicely.

At the second, the Mavic Air 2 feels extremely a great deal like DJI’s flagship drone. If you want the better good quality impression sensor of the Mavic 2 models—which offer you a 1-inch sensor—then evidently the Air 2 is not heading to lower it. But if you want a thing that flies nicely, features 90 p.c of what extra pricey types offer you and fees less than $1,000, the Mavic Air 2 is an spectacular equipment.