Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum hands-on: AI camera eliminates pet poop disasters Review

I seriously like the variety of Roborock robot vacuums. Successful cleansing, solid, and rugged, with an application that is uncomplicated to hook up to and configure. I was hunting forward to the newest product in the Roborock variety.

The Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum is now readily available, and I experienced an early option to test this robot vacuum in advance of its official start date.

Even though it at first appears to be like very similar to the S5 Max robot vacuum I reviewed in March 2020, the S6 MaxV also has a dual digicam in the front bumper, which will understand objects in its route making use of obstacle avoidance engineering called Reactive AI.

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum. Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

Pet poop and electrical cable recognition in a area

Eileen Brown

The digicam estimates the location and dimensions and will reroute its route around the item. The photographs are captured at 30fps making use of a Qualcomm AP 8053 processor to seize objects down to 5cm extensive x 3cm higher. It will even keep away from a cup of coffee put on the floor.

The S6 MaxV will understand and recognize 5 unique categories of objects and will reveal the degree of certainty on the application map. It recognizes scales, ability strips, footwear, pedestals, and pet squander. If you have ever read the post about what comes about when a Roomba encounters pet poop, then you will realize what a boon digicam recognition could be for your house if you have pets.

The S6 MaxV will also understand unidentified objects and will clear around them, much too, marking them on the map. 

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If you are anxious about stability difficulties — like digicam photographs of your messy house going to the cloud — there is a privateness sticker on the digicam. This reads: “To secure your privateness photographs captured by Reactive AI cameras are processed onboard and straight away deleted.” No data is duplicated, saved, or sent to the cloud.

I suppose you could depart the sticker on the digicam include if you had been so worried, but that would negate the item recognition capabilities of the S6 MaxV. The vacuum has a effective suction of 2500Pa — however at 67dB it would seem a great deal quieter than other, significantly less effective robot vacuums, and its 460ml capability dustbin indicates significantly less regular emptying.

It is seriously uncomplicated to hook up the S6 MaxV application. Scan the QR code on the device to hook up the system. Respond to the “Do you have pets?” problem and wait until finally the robot has paired. This problem would seem weird, but it ensures that the robot will include the pet poop recognition function to the digicam.

If you have experienced the robot for a few months, and then get a pet, you can adjust the environment in the application to assure that the S6 MaxV will appear out for pet poop in upcoming cycles.

It finds this item, much too. Roborock kindly equipped a really reasonable plastic pet poop sample for the S6 MaxV to keep away from.

On the application, simply click “enter” and configure the settings these types of as mopping water ranges and suction ability as effectively as environment schedules for every zone or specific area of the overall spot. After the robot has mapped out your house it recognizes rooms, coloring them independently for you to set specific cleansing timetable periods.

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum. Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

EIleen Brown

It scans the area making use of the LIDAR radar on the top of the robot. The detailed map of the spot allows you to set regions where by the robot is not to go.

You can set different no-mop regions — in rooms with carpets — or configure regions where by the robot is not to vacuum. You can also set unique schedules for every zone or area mapped.

The area recognition function can break up every degree into unique rooms. Objects that it avoided are demonstrated on the map alongside with a degree of self esteem in share for every item recognized, which is spectacular.

Hands on with the Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum. Intelligent camera for no more pet poop disasters zdnet

EIleen Brown

If you have a big house to clear — and the vacuum has not acquired adequate battery remaining to finish the house — it will return to its charging dock, and recharge by itself until finally it has enough battery to return to the house and finish the clear.

Its 5,200mAh battery will include around 250 square meters — far more than adequate for a moderately-sized set of rooms.

The S6 MaxV’s mopping function is really very similar to the S5 Max. The mop gives spring stress to the floor to give an even mop in the course of the cleansing cycle.

The mop will clear up to 200 square meters of really hard flooring prior to returning to be recharged.

If your floor is filthy, you could require to clear it manually initial. This is a every day mopping and vacuuming robot — not a deep cleansing floor washing robot

I particularly like the multi-degree mapping function. The robot recognizes that it is on a unique floor of your house (it will understand up to 4 unique ranges) and will try to remember the unique no-go, no-mop zones and no-go lines for every floor (up to 10).

The application also reveals the mapping route taken by the robot vacuum. You can see the location and development of the S6 MaxV when it is cleansing the area. If you get rid of the robot, the Uncover my robot website link invokes a “Hello, I’m around listed here” voice so you can locate it.

The only difficulty I experienced when the robot was in use was that it has issues getting around just one of my thresholds, which is greater than all other thresholds in the home. Most robots I have tried are likely to give up with an mistake.

However, often the S6 MaxV moved alongside the threshold to a lessen component and effectively crossed into the other area. It would seem to be far more “rugged” than some other vacuums that gave up at this point.

Regrettably, it did not try to remember the best component of the threshold to cross and acquired caught about just one in 5 periods. But, I’m splitting hairs listed here, attempting to come across a fault in an in any other case great system.

All in all, the Roborock S6 MaxV is a exceptional higher-conclusion robot vacuum with obstacle avoidance and an application that is uncomplicated to configure. For $749, it could be the only robot vacuum you will ever require to purchase.