RevAir Reverse Air Dryer Review: A One-Stop Blow Out Shop

Straightening my curly, poofy hair is an arduous, two-working day affair. I would do pretty much just about anything to make the approach a lot quicker and a lot easier, but I hardly ever very pictured myself loading locks of my hair into the nozzle of a vacuum-like gadget in my rest room. There was no way this would get the job done. But it did.

The RevAir, or reverse air dryer, is amazing. It dries and straightens hair in just one action. Mileage may possibly vary—depending on your hair texture and the fashion you choose, you could have flawlessly straight hair with no comply with-up. But at the quite minimum, it will tremendously decrease the general time expended on your styling.

Quick Dry

Photograph: RevAir

If you’ve ever gotten a blowout or finished just one on your own, you know it really is very a approach, in particular the thicker and wilder your hair is. You hold a brush with just one hand and the blow dryer with the other, painstakingly smoothing out just about every portion just one by just one. With my hair, the only man or woman who has finished this effectively without a flat iron was a Manhattan hairdresser who can only be explained as a quite costly magician. Still left to my own devices, I search like Monica Gellar on trip.

I have desired to check out the RevAir since I noticed it on YouTube a couple of several years in the past. It’s the perfect web merchandise, given its dimensions and design—it basically appears to be like you happen to be funneling your hair into the hose of a shop vac. What if it will not get the job done? What if it pulls and tangles my hair inside of it, or even worse, will get it stuck or yanks my hair out? But it will not.

I started out with thoroughly clean, damp hair and used a generous volume of the firm’s hair primer—you’re not supposed to use sticky products, like oils, gel, or mousse, but the company suggests you don’t need merchandise for it to get the job done. Then I sectioned my hair and started out feeding just about every into the wand. After it really is fed all the way to the roots, you bit by bit pull the wand again until eventually your now-straight hair is totally free to lie against your neck.  

You can expect to possibly screw up the to start with couple of sections as you determine out just how significantly hair you can do at as soon as and what warmth and velocity options are ideal for you. With my thick, exceptionally curly hair, I can crank the RevAir up to six or 7, and in about 30 seconds the hair arrives out dry and straight. The company suggests you can expect to need 30 to ninety seconds, and I observed that to be exact. The bottom layer of my hair, which is coarser and curlier than the rest, desired lesser sections and a bit additional time the best layer of my hair was fast.

It took all the curl out of my hair, but I still desired to clean out some of the puff with a flat iron. With my hair form, that’s not unusual, but I have observed videos of the coiliest curls being elongated into a flawlessly stretched fashion that seemed attractive.