QR Codes for Vinyl Records: Giving Artists More Creative Freedom


Vinyl records are making a big comeback in the music industry. Big artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Abba, and Coldplay are helping to grow the trend of coming up with vinyl versions of music albums. While vinyl records aren’t entirely new, they’re having a more advanced revamp with the use of QR codes.

Along with the comeback of vinyl records, the technology behind a free QR code generator online is also getting better. This opens a lot of possibilities for artists to show their creativity and take pride in their craft. This gives artists more creative freedom in the process.

Share behind-the-scenes footage

Aside from the music itself, what fans love is the behind-the-scenes footage of their creative and production process. They want to know how artists come up with the melody, lyrics, and even some bloopers from the recording and shooting of the music video.

Artists can share these snippets through QR codes printed on vinyl records.

QR codes for detailed versions of inspiration and musical credits

Some songs are specifically written for some people. Some songs, however, are simply inspired by a book or a movie that the artist has recently finished. These stories are mostly unheard of, but they are great stories, especially for people that want to pursue music as well. QR codes can be used to show gratitude for these inspirations through a short video can also be included in records.

Artists can also provide a more in-depth musical credit with the use of a URL or a no-code HTML QR code. The latter can show images, videos, and detailed descriptions of the people they need to thank, and more information on the people who helped the album come together.

Lead to official music videos

Artists also work hard to produce quality music videos along with their singles. It takes a lot of effort, so it’s best to create more buzz not just with the album, but for every release of a music video as well.

Redirect your audience to the official music video through QR codes. Create the right amount of anticipation, so more people will tune in on the music video release dates.

One great example? It’s BTS’ Jung Kook and Charlie Puth’s ‘Left And Right’ music video, which includes a QR code to Charlie Puth’s website showing his new album, single, and merch for sale.

Save hi-res or lossless audio

While their songs are readily available on most streaming platforms, they’re mostly compressed, losing some of the high-quality sounds in the process. Of course, vinyl records are there for lossless audio, but it’s not really practical to listen everywhere. To share the lossless audio of your fans, include a QR code that allows them to download the digital copies on their phones.

Giveaway exclusive merchandise

Nowadays, artists release merchandise alongside their music. Some of these merchandises can be sold out in no time. To encourage more sales of the album, artists can launch a pre-sale and include a QR code that enables fans to get early bird access to these items.

QR codes can be used on other music streaming platforms, too!

Be it vinyl records, CD albums, cassette tapes, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music platforms, QR codes can truly help artists promote their music any way they want. It’s been used by a lot of artists already, and it’s expected that a lot more will follow in the future.

Make sure you use an advanced QR code generator with logo software, so every feature you need for marketing is already available.

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