Network Theory Reveals the Storytelling Secrets Behind ‘Game of Thrones’

A Music of Ice and Fireplace is a preferred series of fantasy textbooks composed by George RR Martin that have marketed extra than 90 million copies close to the world. The to start with in the series, Sport of Thrones, gave its identify to the massively successful Television applications that serialized the novels.

The perform is frequently praised as a wonderful instance of the artwork of storytelling. It has an epic scale, a complicated narrative and a broad selection of people that interact with just about every other. Vital people are killed off, frequently at surprising and unpredictable times. But when the tale is complicated, it is even now achievable for standard viewers to abide by.

And that raises an appealing puzzle. Provided the sheer quantity of people — in excess of two,000 of them — how do viewers preserve monitor of them all? And how does the writer of this sprawling tale stop it turning into hopelessly complicated and baffling?

Now we get an answer many thanks to the perform of Thomas Gessey-Jones at the University of Cambridge in the Uk and a quantity of colleagues. This group has mapped out the social community from the complete series and calculated its important houses.

They say the community is remarkably identical to the authentic-world ones that individuals have evolved with. “We have proven that the community houses of the culture explained in Ice and Fireplace are shut to what we expect in authentic social networks,” suggests Gessey-Jones and co.

Community Tricks

And they go on to say that studying this community reveals some of important the methods that George RR Martin works by using to preserve viewers engaged and the tale manageable.

Complexity researchers have very long known that social networks have selected certain houses. For instance, the quantity of folks individuals can have significant interactions with is constrained by our cognitive ability to recall their names and the specifics of our dealings. That restrict, about a hundred and fifty, is known as Dunbar’s quantity immediately after the behavioral biologist who to start with proposed it (and who is a co-writer with Gessey-Jones).

Gessey-Jones and co say there are in excess of two,000 people in A Music of Ice and Fireplace series. But the tale is divided into chapters, just about every of which is noticed from the issue of perspective of a one character. These are naturally the most essential people and there are 14 of them in overall.

The researchers map out the social community by producing just about every character a node in the community and linking nodes if the corresponding people satisfy in the text or if it is very clear from the text that they know just about every other. The group then examine how this community modifications all over the novels as new people arise and some others die off.

Community concept gives different strategies to characterize networks, independently of what they symbolize. One particular is house is the “degree” of the community–the quantity of other people just about every node is linked to. In this circumstance, the ordinary diploma of the 14 main people is 154. This is remarkably shut to Dunbar’s quantity and 1 of the features that makes the tale credible.

The social network from A Song of Ice and Fire (Source:

That displays why Martin’s strategy of telling stories from the issue of perspective of important people is so successful. “By relating the tale from the points of perspective of different people, the overall quantity of interactions at any presented stage continues to be in just the ordinary reader’s cognitive restrict, producing it achievable to preserve monitor of these relationships,” say Gessy-Jones and co.

The diploma of a node is also a evaluate of its significance in the community, so this offers a way to objectively evaluate the significance of the people. When the researchers do this, 9 of the best ten people are also all those with their have issue-of-perspective chapters. And the best ranked character by diploma is Jon Snow, arguably the most essential character in the series.

The group also studied the distribution of deaths in excess of time. One particular of the features of the textbooks is the unpredicted and seemingly random deaths of some of the most essential people.

To examine the sample of deaths, the group make an essential distinction concerning the purchase of activities in the fictional world, which they call tale time, and the way the reader ordeals them in the book, which they call discourse time.

It turns out that the time concerning the deaths, as experienced by the reader in discourse time, follows a basic geometric distribution. However, in tale time the deaths abide by a power law that is remarkably identical to the way human-relevant activities are distributed in the authentic term. This is, say the authors, “another sense in which the fictitious world of Ice and Fireplace bears quantitative similarity to the authentic social world.”

That is appealing perform that offers insight into the way Martin produces a sense of realism in this fantasy world. Obviously, the fiction are not able to come to be so complicated that viewers can no more time abide by it.

“If the tale is permitted to come to be much too complicated, there is a threat of the ordinary reader turning into cognitively overwhelmed and the tale turning into chaotic and unfathomable,” say the researchers. “Ice and Fireplace avoids this although extra than two,000 people show up, viewers and Television audiences alike keep on being avidly engaged.”

Sample of Fatalities

And the important tactics are to convey to the tale from the issue of perspective of just a small quantity of people and to guarantee that the designs of deaths abide by the certain power law that takes place in the authentic world.

That is regular with other analysis inspecting the mother nature of fiction and tale-telling. For instance, Dunbar and some others have proven that viewers enjoy stories most when the complexity matches their have the cognitive qualities. This is generally established by the quantity of people in just about every scene.

George RR Martin cleverly guarantees that his viewers are never ever overburdened in this way, say Gessey-Jones and co. “We display that inspite of its large scale, Ice and Fireplace is extremely diligently structured so as not to exceed the all-natural cognitive capacities of a large readership.”

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