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The Microsoft .NET platform playing the significant Role on the way applications are developed for the Internet based applications. Employing open standards and Web service protocols, Microsoft .NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and helps companies more easily utilize applications and data from customers as well as suppliers and partners.

The .NET architecture can help businesses better leverage the software assets they already have, and more rapidly add new software services and make them productive. It can also be employed to reduce application complexity and the related costs of developing and maintaining software.
The recent years have seen India emerge as a global hub when it comes to outsourcing an entire gamut of IT services. The whole world seems to be interested in India and the modern changes taking place in the country. A vast majority of the software development work is outsourced to various software development companies in India. ASP.net is one such field, where enterprises around the world look up to India for delivering quality services and solutions.

Going in for outsourcing of ASP.net development in India not only saves times for such enterprises but importantly, a significant amount of money as well. The trend is evident for the past few years now, as more and more companies are looking to outsource such services to India. One of the major advantages that a company gets while outsourcing such services to India, apart from the major amount of money that is saved is quality solutions.

This is so because; India has got a huge number of qualified and skilled manpower who are perfectly capable of delivering solutions when it comes to a wide array of software services. ASP.net is just one of the domain areas where Indian expertise is much sought after. ASP.net is perhaps one of the fastest growing areas in IT and it is not surprising that more and more technical up gradations are taking place in this particular field. This being the case, software developers also needs to be on their toes and keep in tune with the emerging international trends. India’s huge number of software professionals is doing just this and a lot more.
Nowadays, when the Internet epoch is highly evolved, W3C took a role of standards propagation. Amazingly, all major software developers agreed with new Web Services technology, proposed by W3C committee.

Microsoft Corporation appeared a pioneer in Web Services technology when it released its Microsoft .Net architecture. This solution is a brilliant combination of traditional MS technologies and modern Web Services paradigm. Although it is relatively new, Microsoft .Net architecture is reliable, scalable and trustworthy. It represents a big step towards software interoperability, which makes true software integration finally possible.

.Net is a new technological philosophy, the essence of which includes simplicity of project development, its guaranteed safe functionality and easy integration of any software into the Internet. Microsoft .Net serves a basis for brand new programming languages that have already been worked out – ASPDot Net (VBDot Net), C# (C Sharp), J# (Java Sharp), etc.
Microsoft .Net architecture spans from MS Enterprise Servers to Smart Mobile Devices, and Web Services technology, powered by SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards by W3C, acts as glue between them. Although Microsoft .Net platform is target for a wide range of operating environments, it fits Internet the best.
.Net Services includes:

• .NET system design and application development

• Managing upgrades and technical support for existing custom and packaged information

• .NET Desktop and Web Application Development

• Migrating web and desktop applications to .NET

• Developing web services using the .Net framework and the SOAP toolkit

• .NET Architecture and design evaluation

• .NET custom control development

• .NET Software Product Development

• Web Services based .NET Application development

• Migration of application from .NET

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