Microsoft .NET JSON serializer could get faster startup

Procedure.Textual content.Json, a JSON serialization library in Microsoft’s .Net improvement platform, could include C# source code era in an future iteration. The change is developed to make improvements to performance.

Ideas connect with for utilization of new C# source generator capabilities to help the built-in serializer in the next methods:

  • Boost startup and runtime throughput
  • Cut down private bytes utilization
  • Cut down software measurement
  • Boost IL (Intermediate Language) Linker friendliness by avoiding runtime reflection

Endeavours to utilize C# source era in Procedure.Textual content.Json had been in a prototype phase as of mid-December. Microsoft envisions their coming to fruition in .Net 6., because of in November of this yr.

The System.Textual content.Json library converts .Net item kinds to a JSON string and vice versa. It supports UTF-8 text encoding and was released in .Net Main three.. A variety in the library, JsonSeralizer, purports to have the best stage of operation for processing JSON knowledge.

In the new .Net 5, introduced in November, Procedure.Textual content.Json obtained enhancements in performance and dependability, creating the library a lot easier to adopt for developers familiar with the Newtonsoft.Json framework.

Other options in the offing for Procedure.Textual content.Json contain:

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