Macquarie University brings Accenture onboard for HR transformation – Training & Development – Projects – Cloud

Macquarie University is going through a human sources program transformation with the aid of Accenture, going to a new Workday platform and offering extra self-support capabilities.

Individuals and products and services VP Nicole Gower instructed Workday’s Elevate summit past thirty day period the university’s “HR system” right up until now was made up of “patchwork” of smaller sized units, although significantly of the complexity was shielded from buyers.

“When individuals converse about ‘the HR system’, they do not realise that they are actually conversing about various units,” Gower claimed.

“We do not actually have one HR program. We have a payroll program, we have a expertise and recruitment administration program, we had various timekeeping units, we have had finding out administration units – and that patchwork tactic produced some actual problems for us.

“There had been heaps of guide workarounds, rather a large amount of duplication, a large amount of double entry, and that was creating some actual problems for the HR crew, but also for the university. 

“We failed to see the amount of integration or cohesion that we would have favored.”

Along with far better integration, Gower claimed the current natural environment had ability gaps, particularly in locations these types of as expertise administration and workforce planning, that the university hoped to now deal with.

“We’ve always preferred to be ready to do [these] really nicely but haven’t always had the real tools or help mechanisms to be ready to,” she claimed.

Gower claimed that regardless of the backend problems, the university’s HR support supply model – that is, what buyers noticed – “is actually rather experienced and is really nicely respected across the university.” 

“We’ve got wonderful HR assistance, we have got wonderful HR strategic products and services, and we have got higher ranges of trustworthiness across the university, so we are starting up from a really excellent platform,” she claimed.

“Although we have really excellent support supply, what individuals do not see is all the work that goes on guiding the scenes.

“There’s a large amount of guide work and a large amount of workarounds to make items actually work nicely and to provide a excellent support to our staff.

“What we are trying to do is make that a large amount smoother, use technology to be ready to automate some of that, and provide extra of that in a self-support format.”

The wish to remodel led Macquarie University to consolidate HR on to Workday, with Accenture introduced in to support.

Chief data officer Tim Hume noticed entire transformation of the IT platform as required.

“Transformation is not just incremental transform. It truly is not about undertaking a variation improve,” he claimed.

“We could have carried out that. We could have carried out a variety of variations to current platforms. 

“Transformation indicates producing a transform which will possibly utilize a bit of rigidity to the business, but [that will] go us toward a area that might have taken several years in any other case, and likely with Workday will aid us get there.”

Gower claimed that employing Workday came with a commitment to consistently make improvements to the technology underpinning HR.

Owning all of HR operate out of one program will also lead to a consolidation of the university’s ‘people data’, which can then be utilized in extra “data-knowledgeable decision-making”.

“The coronary heart of our business is individuals. If we realize that, if we get the information we have to have, we can realize success in opposition to our competition,” Hume claimed.

“That’s what Macquarie is acknowledged for. We are compact sufficient to be agile and this is made to make us agile.”