Logitech Signature MK650 Combo for Business, hands on: An affordable duo


  • Affordable keyboard and mouse combo
  • Bluetooth or Logitech Bolt connectivity
  • Versatile Options+ app


  • Keyboard could be sturdier
  • No rechargeable batteries

Logitech has recently been focusing on the needs of business users with its range of mice and keyboards. Earlier this year, it introduced new Business editions of its popular MX mice and keyboards that use Logitech’s proprietary Bolt USB wireless adapters to provide enhanced security. However, the top-of-the-range MX products are quite expensive, with a keyboard and mouse combo costing $200-$250.  

That’s a lot of money for enterprise customers who may require dozens or even hundreds of devices, so Logitech has now launched the more affordable Signature MK650 Combo For Business, which includes both a keyboard and a mouse for just $69.99/£71. The MK650 Combo is available in either black or white and is currently sold via Logitech’s business resellers in most regions. 

Logitech Signature MK650 Combo for Business

The Logitech Signature MK650 Combo for Business is available in white or black and comes with a dongle for Logitech’s Bolt wireless connectivity.

Image: Cliff Joseph / ZDNet

At that price, the MK650 Combo is also a good option for individual users who may now be working from home, although the lower price does involve some compromises. The lightweight plastic K650 keyboard lacks the sleek design and sturdy build of the MX keyboards, although it does have a palm-rest that the MX keyboard lacks. The keys travel well too, so it should be comfortable enough for long hours of work. The M650 mouse feels more solidly built — I found the review unit rather small, but a large variant is available, as well as a version for left-handers.

It’s also a little disappointing that neither device includes a rechargeable battery. There are standard AA batteries included, though, with two batteries lasting for 36 months on the keyboard, while a single battery should keep the mouse going for 24 months. 

The full-size keyboard includes a numeric keypad and the standard top row of Function keys, while the mouse has four buttons and a scrolling wheel. It’s also possible to switch the mouse wheel between horizontal and vertical scrolling when you press one of the side buttons. Logitech’s Options+ app also allows you to customise both mouse buttons and Function keys in order to create profiles that work with the apps that you use most often.  

Logitech Options+: keyboard

Logitech Options+: keyboard

Screenshot: Cliff Joseph / ZDNet

Thankfully, the recently-updated app is now a lot more Mac-friendly than it used to be. However, the MK650 Combo doesn’t support the Flow option that allows the more expensive MX mice and keyboards to be paired with multiple computers and mobile devices, and to transfer files between them (rather like Apple’s Universal Control, but introduced years earlier). 

Logitech Options+: mouse

Screenshot: Cliff Joseph / ZDNet

Logitech Signature MK650 Combo for Business specifications

M650 mouse K650 keyboard
Wireless connectivity Logi Bolt, Bluetooth Logi Bolt, Bluetooth
Wireless range 10m 10m
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Battery 1x AA 2x AA
Battery life 24 months 36 months
Battery indicator yes yes
Dimensions 61mm x 108.2mm x 38.8mm (2.4in. x 4.26in. x 1.52in.) 457.3mm x 193.5mm x 24mm (18in. x 7.62in. x 0.94in.)
Weight (inc. battery) 101.4g (3.58oz) 700.2g (24.7oz)
Tracking DPI 400-4000
Scrolling SmartWheel technology
Handedness ambidextrous
Easy-Switch no
Keyboard size full
Number of keys 118
Number pad yes
Typing Plunger
Tilt legs yes
Tilt angles 4°, 8°
Baclit keys no
Illuminated Caps/Num Lock no
Logi Options+ yes yes
Logitech Flow no no
Software support Windows, MacOS Windows, MacOS

Logitech Zone Vibe 125 headset

If you’re in the market for additional office accessories, then Logitech has also announced a new headset for office work, called the Zone Vibe 125. Priced at $129.99/£109, the Vibe is actually based on one of Logitech’s gaming headsets, which are designed to be comfortable for long, intense gaming sessions. The large earpieces are thickly padded and only weigh 185g, so they should be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day at work. The boom mic includes noise-cancelling features to provide clear voice calls even in a busy office, and you can mute the mic simply by flipping it upwards away from your face. The rechargeable battery lasts for around 18 hours when you’re talking via the mic, or 20 hours if you just want to relax and listen to some music at the end of the day.

Alternatives to consider

If your budget can handle it, Logitech’s high-end MX Keys Combo is an excellent choice. At the other end of the price scale, Microsoft’s Wireless Desktop 900 is extremely affordable at just under $50.


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