Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, hands on: Compact and comfortable


The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is designed for people with relatively small hands (< 19cm or 7.5 inches).

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Logitech has a strong range of ergonomic mice with no fewer than four in the current line-up. One of these is the $99.99 MX Vertical, which I reviewed favourably a few years ago but found slightly too large for my hands. It’s taken a while, but Logitech has finally come up with mouse in the same style for people with smaller hands. The $69.99 Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse takes the MX Vertical’s shape and duplicates most of its functions.  


  • Suitable for users with smaller hands
  • Left-handed version available
  • Bluetooth LE or Logi Bolt connectivity
  • Two-year battery life
  • Customisable functions via Options app

Don’t Like

  • No protective pouch supplied

The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is available in black (Graphite), off-white (Pale Grey) or pink (Rose). Recycled plastic has been used for 70% of the plastic parts of the black mouse, and 54% of the pink and white versions. 

The mouse connects to a computer via Bluetooth LE or a provided USB-A Logi Bolt dongle, and is powered by a single AA battery which Logitech says will last for up to two years.


The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse places the hand in a position that minimises wrist pressure.

Image: Logitech

The idea behind the vertical design is that you wrap your hand around the elevated part of the mouse, in what Logitech calls a ‘natural handshake’ position, with thumb resting on two buttons on the inwardly curved side, and fingers accessing the scroll wheel and its associated buttons — two large and one small — on the outwardly curved side. With your hand at a 57-degree angle there is less pressure on the wrist than with a standard mouse, and the asymmetrical shaping is designed to ensure that the mouse fits the curve of a palm neatly. 

It certainly works for me, and I found the device very comfortable. If you like the idea of the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, you can check whether it’s suitable for your hand size using a measuring guide at Logitech website. Basically, if your hands are large (>19cm or 7.5 inches), the MX Vertical is recommended over the Lift Vertical.

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There are right- and left-handed versions of the Logitech Lift vertical available, which is essential for a device like this, because the button placement and shaping of the device mean it’s only viable for use in one hand. Left-handers will have to settle for the black (Graphite) model, though.


Underside of the Lift Vertical mouse, showing the connection selection button, sensor, on/off button and battery compartment.

Image: Logitech

The mouse can be paired with up to three devices, and a quick tap of a button on the underside of the device lets you switch between them. Logitech’s Flow technology also means you can move files between supported devices just by dragging and dropping. Flow is OS-agnostic, so you could switch and move files between an iPad and Windows desktop, for example. 

Aspects of Flow can be configured in the Logitech Options software, which also supports button function customisation in specific applications, or more generally. Options also lets you adjust the mouse’s resolution to control cursor speed, in 100dpi increments across the 400-4000dpi range.  

The shape of the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse does restrict its portability. It is 70mm wide, 108mm deep and 71mm high, and weighs 125g. Standard mice have a much more squat design and will slot into a bag pocket more easily, for example. Logitech doesn’t provide a pouch, so if this mouse needs to travel you’ll want to consider how to protect it. 

Logitech also markets a Lift for Business version of this product, which allows IT managers to remotely update firmware, works with Options+ software, lacks the pink (Rose) variant and offers a two-year warranty.

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse specifications

Dimensions (WDH)

70mm x 108mm x 71mm (2.7 in. x 4.25in. x 2.8in.)


125g (4.4oz)

Sensor type

Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking

DPI range

400-4000dpi (adjustable with 100dpi increments)

Nominal value


Number of buttons

6 (left/right-click, back/forward, middle button, scroll-wheel with middle click)

Battery type

1x AA (included)

Battery life

up to 24 months

Connection type

Logi Bolt USB receiver (included), Bluetooth LE

Wireless range


Optional software

supported by Logi Options+ on MacOS 10.15 or later and Windows 10, 11 or later


Graphite plastics: 70% post-consumer recycled plastic • Off-white and Rose plastics: 54% post-consumer recycled plastic • Paper Packaging: FSC-certified and recyclable


1-year limited hardware warranty

System requirements

Bluetooth LE: Windows 10, 11 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; iPadOS 14 or later; Chrome OS; Linux; Android 8 or later • Logi Bolt USB Receiver: Windows 10, 11 or later; MacOS 10.15 or later; Chrome OS; Linux

In the box

Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, Logi Bolt USB Receiver, 1 x AA Battery, Quick Start Guide


$69.99 / £69.99


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