iPhone development from time to time

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The iPhone is one of the products created by Apple which took the world by storm when it first appeared in 2007. The iPhone is also very popular and in-demand in sales worldwide. In its history and now they will release with the newest iPhone 12 offers, the iPhone has experienced several design and technological developments. Let’s take a look at the development of iPhone history from its inception to the present.


In 2007, Steve Jobs and Apple company introduced their first iPhone. The first iPhone series only has built-in application features without being able to add third-party applications developed by the developers. So this type of first-generation iPhone cannot be used to download new applications. Even so, this first iPhone series immediately sold over 700 thousand in the first week after launch.

The first iPhone series


The following year 2008 the iPhone 3G was introduced by Apple. This iPhone 3G is a gadget that has the most advanced technology at that time. With the addition of the App Store, which at that time had around 10 thousand applications with a total of 300 million downloads. An increase compared to the previous version, the iPhone 3G sold up to one million units in its first week.


iPhone 2GS

In 2009 the iPhone 2GS was released with performance improvements, especially graphics. iPhone 2GS is a development of the iPhone 3G series. Although coupled with graphics performance, the technology used is not much different from the previous iPhone 2G technology. The total application at that time was 85 thousand applications on the App Store with total downloads reaching 2 billion times.


In 2010 Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4. In terms of design, features, and specifications, the iPhone 4 underwent a very significant change from the previous series. According to data, in 2010, a study even revealed that one in seven people who own a smartphone uses an iPhone. iPhone 4 broke the iPhone sales record by selling 1.2 million units in its first week of release.


The 2011 iPhone 4S has a similar fate to the iPhone 3Gs. Having a design that is identical to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is equipped with many of the latest technologies such as a 5-lens 8 megapixel camera, an A5 chip that has a speed of up to 2x an A4 chip, and a faster graphics processing up to 9x. No less than 4 million iPhone 4S were sold in its first week of release. Currently, according to Apple’s claim, there are more than 500 thousand applications in the App Store with developers who have received payments of up to more than 3 billion dollars as part of the 70-30 revenue sharing agreement on the App Store.


And in May 2012, Apple will launch the latest iPhone series, the iPhone 5 in Indonesia. Information obtained from media outside the iPhone 5 will carry the latest iCloud service and use the iOS 5 operating system. It cannot be clearly explained about the sophistication of the iPhone 5. However, in terms of design, this iPhone 5 has a thinner and elegant shape. The screen on the iPhone 5 is also bigger and has an edgeless LCD screen. It is this borderless LCD that is the hallmark of the iPhone 5.